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Jan 12, 2009 07:49 AM

New regional or tex-mex "finds" in Austin?

I'm working in Austin for the week, and dinner's about my only time to get out and about. Have been coming here for years so don't want to hit any old stand-bys (Chuy's, Fonda San Miguel and so on)... just want to check out places folks have found(or that have opened in the past year or so)... holes in the wall are fine; no south congress type spots needed... just homey places where i can get my austin fix before i head back east. I know there are probably pretty good tips already, but under deadline don't have time to fully check out the board. Thanks so much for any help!

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    1. Polvo's gets lots of good reviews on the Austin board.

      I really like Jardin Corona, but it's pretty far north