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Jan 12, 2009 07:40 AM

Chinatown restaurants delivering to Financial District?

It's not news that the FiDi lunch options are pretty abysmal. Is there a list of Chinatown (not FiDi Chinese) restaurants that deliver down here? Thanks.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The last time somebody asked the question there were likewise no replies. Another more general thread last year on Chinatown delivery mentioned just one Chinese restaurant that delivered to the financial district, but it's out of business. I think somebody also mentioned Doyers Vietnamese. The problem is that while a lot of Chinatown restaurants do deliver, they don't deliver as far as the financial district.

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      1. re: Chandavkl

        Thanks for the info, Chandavkl.

        You're right about Doyers--they even show up on SeamlessWeb. So does Penang on Elizabeth Street.

        1. re: D...DF

          Hi DDF,

          Chandaval is right. I don't think any Chinese restaurants in Chinatown deliver to places as far as FiDi. I asked Congee Village once and they said if you order a whole lot (like may be over $60-70?) then they will deliver.

          The two restaurants that I know will deliver to FIDi are Doyers (as mentioned) and Singapore Cafe on Mott.

          1. re: kobetobiko

            Thanks, Kobetobiko. How is Singapore Cafe?

        2. re: Chandavkl

          I used to work in FiDi, and the IT guys used to get food from Chinatown a lot.
          But I dont know if it was as a favor because those guys were Chinese as well.