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Jan 12, 2009 06:54 AM

Verde @ Stratton - Price/Performance

As a winter resident on Stratton for over a decade, I preface my comments by knowing that Verde has a captive audience on the mountain unless one wishes to trek 10-15 miles down to Londonderry or Manchester for real higher end food. I was one of the first customers at Verde and have been pretty loyal over the years.

But c'mon, a $42 bowl of pasta....a $47 steak ??? A $16 gnocchi appetizer ?

Best deal was a $9 mushroom risotto side dish (very bland but a bargain item) and the $9 mixed green salad with fruit and goat cheese.

Am I just forgetting that it has always been this outrageous or did the price/performance ratio go totally out of whack since last season ???

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  1. None of those prices are correct...Your feedback is fine, but the false advertizing is bogus. If you think there is better food in either Manchester or Londonderry(seriously?) go nuts.

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      Both of your posts about the Stratton area have only promoted Verde, so you're clearly a loyalist. By all means post the correct winter season prices or scan the menu and post a link so the prices can be put into context with the ingredients.

      There's nothing I'd like more than to take friends to Verde or better to have them take me as payback for a free weekend at our home on the mountain. But not at these prices.

      As I said, I've watched and supported Verde since the first day it opened so I do have a frame of reference and no axe to grind.

      I sat at the counter right at the kitchen line and the waiter still forgot 2 of my courses and a round of beverages on a relatively slow night. I was close enough to see and hear the chef's reaction when he stuffed a rush for our forgotten order into the queue.

      As far as options, I'd say that Serge's main course take-out food at the Village Pantry in S. Londonderry had more flavor for the price point. And they have designer salumi and cheeses as well.

      After 18 years in the Stratton area, I never thought I'd say it but I also had an EXCELLENT dinner at the Newfane Inn...but admittedly a hike after a couple of bottles of wine. Grafton Inn has also been excellent...creative even in a very traditional setting.

      But I'll grant you there is NOTHING on the mountain that competes with Verde.