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Jan 12, 2009 06:47 AM

Bulk spices in BK?

I'm looking to buy small amounts of things like cardamom pods, coriander seed, caraway, etc . Anyone know of a place that has a reliably fresh supply of such spices? Thanks much in advance.

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  1. Sahadi on Atlantic Avenue is recommended if you are in downtown Brooklyn.
    If Coney Island Ave is more convenient, places like Eastern Market or the Punjabi stores clustered near Newkirk Ave will have what you need..

    Sahadi sells bulk but I believe like most such places will have a minimum purchase amount.
    The Indian places sell their spices in packages, which may give you more than you want, but the price will be very reasonable.

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      Thanks very much for this. I should have mentioned that Sahadi's seems to sell spices only in enormous containers (the equivalent of 2-3 jars) nowadays. I know that Two for the Pot sells bulk spices, but I don't know how fresh their stock is. Info on any other locations in that vicinity would be much appreciated.

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        did you ask the staff at Sahadi? I also thought I saw smaller containers there the last time I was in. You might want to check some of the other stores on Atlantic, Ive not shopped in the Palestinian places down toward 4th Ave but some of them may sell these spices in bulk if Sahadi and its Lebanese neighbors have stopped.

        If CIA is not convenient to you, the Little India stores (Kalustyan, etc.) will have packets of these spices also.

        One place downtown that has bulk spices still is D'Vine Taste on 7th Ave in the Slope, Mideast owned. I cant attest to their turnover or pricing, however.

        I dont like buying these products other than at the ethnic markets with their fresh product, fast turnover and reasonable prices. Even if I wind up throwing half the pack away, its worth it. though its best to buy fresh, whole Cardamon and Caraway last a long time btw. I wouldnt buy the coriander at a place that didnt have good turnover - it loses its fresh flavor fairly quickly, whole or ground. .

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          Very helpful advice - thanks a lot!

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            I regularly buy spices at D'Vine Taste and have had good experiences. No minimum on the amount you can buy as far as I know.

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              Yes, D'Vine Taste is a good source. Take a plastic bag & fill with as little or as much as you like.

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          I'm not in Brooklyn, but here on SI there are local Indian groceries that sell hard spices pre-packaged -- I can't recall the weights, but maybe 4 oz. to 7 oz., palm-sized packages. They're about two bucks a package. So even if that's more than you need, if you bought them and threw away 2/3 of of the contents, it would probably still be cheaper than buying the little jars in the supermarket. And probably fresher.

          And remember that hard spices can be good for quite a long time. Remember to put them in sealed jars when you get home.

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          D'Vine has great stuff. You could try the Flatbush Food Coop... You do not have to be a member there!

        4. If you don't mind mail order, I love Azure Standard. My school has a co-op with them and we save tons of money. The products are great too. http://www.azurestandard.com/

          1. Thanks for all the helpful replies!

            1. The Park Slope Food Coop is the spot for this--fresh, cheap, high turnover, and they sell spice in like quarter cup and under sizes. Not sure Sahadi's will sell in such small amounts and you will definitely pay more. Otherwise, you might consider Penzy's.

              1. Thanks for the D'Vine Taste recs - I found everything I needed there and more - will no doubt go back.

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                  Glad to hear it, that is a great shop. How were the spices in terms of freshness? Does anyone else have experience with the freshness/turnover of D'Vine's bulk spices?

                  1. re: aravenel

                    Because I bought only whole spices, they seemed good when freshly ground - couldn't speak for the freshness of the ground spices (and generally I don't like to buy those when they're sold out of non-airtight containers like bulk bins).