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Jan 12, 2009 05:52 AM

trendy places between 14-33rd, park-7th?

Can anyone give me some ideas of fun, trendy (i hate that word, but you know what I mean.. really just somewhere fun that is not a dive), restaurant/bar type places within these boundaries? We like Craftbar, PS 450, Rosa Mexicano, Union Square Cafe, sometimes Gramercy Tavern, Dos Caminos.. somewhere that we can get drinks at the bar and then have dinner. Any ideas would be appreciated!

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    1. Cafeteria, Pranna, Aspen, Sushi Samba

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      1. re: eameyer

        I've been here a few times. They have a large lounge area where you can have drinks before of after dinner and the food is excellent.

        1. re: sloane

          Sloane, Is it true that they have some type of unique, strechy ice cream at ilili that looks like taffy? If so, is it worth trying and what is it called?

      2. Bar Stuzzichini near Madison Square Park has a very nice bar and great food. I also like I Trulli (esp. the wine bar for both dinner and drinks), Gramercy Tavern's bar room, and Primehouse is OK.