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Any Philadelphia Eagles Bars in New Orleans?

I'm taking a road trip with some friends this week, and I'm going to be in New Orleans on Sunday. I want to catch the Eagles playoff game down there on Sunday, and I was wondering if there are any bars that are exclusively for Eagles fans. If not, does anyone know a place that's good to watch NFL games in general? Thanks-

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  1. Do not know of specifically Eagle bars, but Cooter Brown's is where I would be watching. There are always a ton of fans of various teams there on Saturdays and Sundays.

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      Other than the Milan Lounge's support for the Chicago Cubs, are there other bars where support runs high for out of state teams?

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        45Tchoup (4529 Tchoupitoulas St. corner of Jena St) is sports bar that has various banners/flags/etc for out of state teams on its balcony/exterior.


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        Thanks mikek, Cooter's sounds appealing. I guess an Eagles bar isn't totally necessary. Anyhow, I'm traveling with a couple of NYers who are still sore over last week's loss.

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          Hehe. Yea, one of my roommates from college is a huge Giants fan. He didn't talk to me for a day for fear of what would come to pass if he did.

      3. The game is over now obviously, GO EAGLES!, but had I seen this before I would've told you that Finn McCool's is a great neighborhood pub to watch sports in, though it is best for Saints games. I too would like to know if there are any Eagles bars in town. I will look into this.

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            Andy - you beat me to this post! I'm also a big Eagles fan and will be in New Orleans for the weekend with a bachelorette party. A bunch of us will definitely be watching the game, so maybe we'll see you at one of these bars.

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              Super- judging by this I guess we'll hit up Finn McCool's. Post a note to the thread if you hear of anything better, or more Eagles-centric...and try to save some partying for the game on Sunday-

        1. I'm not a big sports fan but there always seemed to be people at the Acme or Vic's Kangaroo Cafe watching sports.

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            If anyone knows for sure, it would be Dan Stein at Stein's Deli on Magazine. He's from Philly (and he sells TastyKakes).

          2. I ended up watching the game at Bourbon Rocks on Bourbon Street. We were in the area, and it was getting close to game time, so I ducked in there. Definitely isn't an Eagles bar, as I might have hoped, but there were plenty of Birds fans there as the game went on. Got a seat at the bar, and beers were three for $4.50, that is, they serve you three at once. Needless to say, I was somewhat liquored up by the time the game ended, which helped blunt the pain of the loss. In general, I would guess that any of the sports bars on Bourbon would be good for a football game. Cheap beer, lots of flatscreens, and plenty of foot traffic from the street.

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              Glad that you had fun! In general terms, most of the "sports bars," in New Orleans support the various local teams. Though NOLA is a tourist city, there seem to be fewer bars dedicated to out of town sports teams. It is usualy about the local teams.

              Heck, even in PHX, there is a Steeler's bar in Cave Creek. In NOLA, its not quite the same. If it's Tulane, the Saints, or LSU playing, you'll find many to choose from.