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Jan 12, 2009 04:50 AM


Going to a St. Lawrence hockey game in a few weeks. Are there any good, casual restaurants in the area for a bite to eat before the game? No chains, please!!

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  1. OK, I'm replying to my own post for future reference, and if anyone else cares. Had dinner and breakfast at the Blackbird Cafe on Main St. in Canton. Very fresh food, lots of vegetarian choices and wonderful homemade desserts. Nothing fancy, but a delightful place.

    1. I have only been up there once, fall of 2008. We ate at a decent Mediterranean spot in Potsdam, but I don't recall the name, just a half block or so off the main street, and an easy walk from the Clarkson Inn. If you go back again, I'm sure it would be easy to track down.

      1. Our son went to college up there so I know that Eben's Hearth(across the streeet from Clarkson) is about the best you can get up there.
        Wish I could tell you of another place worth your time and dollars but I can't.
        This is a food "wasteland"for anything much outstanding as food goes but Eben's is about the best I think you'll find up there.
        Enjoy your game!

        1. Thank you for the Potsdam recommendations. I guess it will be a Clarkson game next time around!