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Jan 11, 2009 08:56 PM

Where to Eat in Tucson near Catalina Foothills

We are going to be staying at a friends condo at the Reflections in the Catalinas in late Jan 2009 and would like some suggestions for lunch and dinner recommendations in the area. We will have a car but would prefer not to drive more than 15 - 20 mins if possible. I have read most of the topics but they seem to focus on downtown locations

We enjoy all types of foods and being from Vancouver we would like to try some good Mexican and any good local cuisine if possible. As for budget, not looking for anything too pricey for lunch ($10 -$15) and anything that is good value for dinner is fine (say $20 - 30 for entrees).

Thanks in advance!


ps. this condo will have a kitchen so we will probably stock up the fridge for breakfast... any suggestions for local grocery store where we can pick up fresh fruit etc in the area would be much appreciated.

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  1. There is one of the best prime rib places on river road "El Corral", there is a Bashas supermarket on swan road close to the foothills which has a nice hot deli. If you want good mexican food your going to have to go out of your 15-20 minute range.

    1. I'd highly recommend the Red Sky Cafe for dinner. It's owned by one of Tucson's better local chefs. Wonderful food, with lots of fresh vegetables served with every entree, and a great wine list. It's about 10 minutes away from you, at 2900 Swan Rd.
      Also try The Grill at Hacienda del Dol -- great food and ambience. Gorgeous property, also about 10 minutes away. They have a web site

      For groceries, there's a very good Safeway supermarket at Swan and Sunrise.

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        I just heard that Red Sky is closed, along with Terra Cotta and Cuvee. Can anyone confirm?

        1. re: Claudette

          Red Sky is having some financial problems but remains open while they work them out. We had dinner there last week and it was quite full. Everything looked fine.
          Terra Cotta has closed. But, in my opinion, they've been serving second-rate food since they moved into that oversized building a few years ago. So, no great loss.

      2. The 3 best, in our experience:

        1) Vivace, N. Italian, River & Campbell. Tucson's best restaurant, imo. Don't miss. See older writeups here for details. Not that expensive, especially for lunch.

        2) Teresa's Mosaic #2, on Shannon (I think) opposite Wal-Mart. Not as atmospheric as the orig, but the albondigas soup & flour tortillas are still the best in town.

        3) Tacos El Bruno, 1st and Ft. Lowell (NE corner). Solid neighborhood taqueria -- go for the beef.

        Happy chowing, Pete Tillman, former Foothills resident