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Jan 11, 2009 08:44 PM

Vegetarian in San Diego..

Besides eating a Patty Melt with extra thousand and a double double that I crave a couple times a year, I have been a semi-vegetarian (love fish/cheese) since 1973 and I remember a place back in the 70's on El Cajon blvd that rocked and wish I could remember the name but I love and crave great creative vegan dishes..besides Indian or Thai.
Any places or dishes that are some of your fav's?

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  1. The best vegetarian place for us in SD is Spread, close to corner University/30th. Very often changing (depending on what they got at the market) menu with creative dishes. (We recently had an excellent night at Ubuntu in Napa (highly recommended if you look for an outstanding vegetarian restaurant) which is often named as one of the best new restaurants in the US and even though their dishes are much more refined than those as Spread it made us at the same time realize that the level of creativity and quality at Spread is surprisingly high).

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      honkman..this is exactly what I was looking for..
      We tried to get into Ubuntu in Sept. but was booked and went to Redd instead. it new?

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        No, Spread is around for some time. Call them before you go. They are sometimes closed for catering. It is a very small restaurant with some unusual furnitures but very good food.

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          where the hell have I in that cave has its drawbacks.. ; )

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            Funny you should mention the furniture. We ate there once and won't be back because of how uncomfortable the suspended chairs are. If you are not super tall or super short, you might be comfortable. My wife and I are extremes in height however.

            Some of the food was quite good however, some of it missed the mark.

            Are you craving vegetarian or vegan dishes?

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              i've been in this neighborhood a ton, and can't remember seeing this place (spread). the menu on their website sounds good- but omits prices... can anyone tell me the approximate prices? like enough food for two people?

      2. One of my favorites is a meal of sides (polenta, white beans and grilled tomatoes w/goat cheese) at Piatti in La Jolla.

        1. Ranchos Cocina, in OB and North Park, has some good vegetarian Mexican stuff. Blue corn avocado enchiladas, enfrijoladas with mole, tempeh fajitas, etc. Definitely worth checking out. They make a fresh ginger/honey lemonade that's really delicious, too.

          1. I recently went to SIPZ in Clairemont, and I was suprised at how good it was.

            1. this is where they are.

              Sipz Cafe
              5501 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92117

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                  A number of posts debating the use of mock meat in vegetarian cooking were split and moved to here: