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Vancouver with a first-timer...good eats pls

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Hello, I'm taking my gf to Vancouver for the first time and I want to get a list of good Japanese (sushi, izakaya, yaki-xxx), French, Steak, and Seafood restaurants....please help! THANKS!!

Price range/person: 20-100CAD
Meal: Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch/Dinner

I'll be in the downtown area most of the time, with two-day trips to Victoria and Whistler.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. uscmarshallbiz Welcome to the Western Canada Board!

    If I were heading to Vancouver I'd be reading up on fmed's posts: http://www.chow.com/profile/145820

    All things Japanese on Vancouver seem to have been covered at one time or another:
    Recent sushi thread:
    Vancouver Izakaya google maps fun: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/478051 (started by fmed)

    Thread on Vancouver French/Italian/WestCoast: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/575733

    I'd suggest utilizing the handy "Search this board" box at the top of the page for even more info.

    Hope that helps,

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      Thanks maplesugar...just as an update, the old izakaya Google map link is gone, but I created a new one but I didn't bother to add my reviews:

      That newer map is a bit outdated - there are a few more izakaya that have opened up in the last few months....but the all the favourites are there. See grayelf's recs below.

    2. Sushi: Octopus' Garden, Lime, Kibune
      Izakaya: Guu with Garlic, Zakkushi, Hapa
      French: Pied a Terre, Le Faux Bourgeois
      Seafood: Blue Water, C
      Breakfast/brunch: Cafe Medina, Gramercy Grill, Abigail's Party, Irish Heather

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          Feel free to post again once you've narrowed down your choices a bit if you want more feedback. Hope you have a great time!

      1. For French, I would recommend http://dinehere.ca/restaurant.asp?r=265 Salade de Fruits Cafe. It's a great unpretentious place. It's not fancy (it's part of a French community centre) but it's really good. It's just outside downtown.

        Seafood, I would recommend Kettle of Fish or, if you want to go to Granville Island, Sandbar is fantastic. In general, the website dinehere.ca is a great guide for restaurants in Vancouver :)