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Jan 11, 2009 07:15 PM

restaurants with high chairs

My one year old is an excellent eater but he is too big to sit on my lap at a restaurant. Does anyone know of interesting dining destinations (i.e. not Chez Cora) that offer high chairs? I'm particularly interested in the Plateau/NDG/Downtown areas and in places for brunch as well as dinner.

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  1. As much as I cringe to recoommend this site (as it has gotten very overcommercialized IMHO) check out, and use the site's Advanced Search function. Select the island of Montreal, then at the bottom of the next page, there is an option to restrict the result to "Kid Friendly" restaurants. I'm assuming this means they've got a children's menu and all the necessary accoutrements, but you should still call to be sure.

    Be warned: the restos that appear at the top, with logos, have paid for that privilege and don't necessarily represent "interesting dining destinations."

    1. You'd be surprised at how many restaurants haver high chairs. Two that come to mind are Pied de Cochon and Lemeac, but there are many more - you can always call any place you're interested in to check before heading there.

      1. Byblos, on Laurier and Fabre (?). They even have a huge toy chest.

        1. You could bring your own super-portable high chair, as seen here You can also buy them at Bummis on Mt Royal. They're absolutely terrific, and fit on most chairs. I've found that restaurant high chairs are not as common as I'd like, or broken, or there aren't enough of them, so this kind does beautifully.