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Jan 11, 2009 05:54 PM

WAY too many salad greens, help!

I sent my husband to buy ingredients for my recent dinner party and he came home with a Costco sized container of spring mix salad greens. There's just the two of us, and greens don't exactly freeze well... Any thought of how to use them up besides salad 3 times a day or a big potluck for our neighbors? Thanks :)

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  1. You can actually use salad greens to make a tasty soup.

    1. Although it's a treatment usually reserved for more mundane (or cheaper) leafy veggies, you can always wilt them, either very slightly for a wilted salad, or completely, like cooked spinach. You could even incorporate them into soups, quiche, etc. (If I have leftover dressed salad from dinner one night, it often ends up in a blended soup another night--just some veggies, vinegar, oil, very plausible soup ingredients!)

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        adam beat me to it, i was going to suggest cooking with them. as long as you treat them gently, they can be a nice change from typical cooked greens...

        saute some garlic & chili flakes until fragrant, toss in the greens, and wilt for a minute or two. season with salt & pepper, and serve.


        cook down some bacon or pancetta until crisp, and remove to drain, leaving the rendered fat in the pan. saute some chopped red onions in the bacon fat until tender, add the greens and cook for a minute or two until wilted. finish with salt, pepper, and a splash of vinegar (sherry or balsamic).

      2. Tossing greens with pasta for a pasta salad is a great lunch. I made one recently with leftover argula, pasta, lemon, olive oil and cucumber and feta and mint

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          that reminds me...they're also great folded into warm grain salads (rice, quinoa or couscous) right before serving. the heat from the grains is just enough to wilt them.

        2. stuff a pita with the salad and sprinkle on dressing, top a pizza fresh from the oven, blend with mayonaise and dijon, spread on tortillas, roll up like sushi, slice, and make pinwheels...make a dip with drained yogurt blended with the greens...

          1. i like the wilted salad idea (a la spinach salad with hot bacon dressing).

            also, indian "saag" (greens) dishes -- or tossed into a chick pea curry.

            made into a greek "spinach" pie with feta and green onions, mint and oregano, and dill.

            tossed wilted into jap chae (sp?), the korean noodle dish.

            with a vinaigrette dressing, piled onto a beautiful poached salmon.

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              I know this post is a couple of weeks old, but I too found myself with an abundance of spring mix salad greens that were not needed for a photo shoot. I do plan on making a soup, but tonight I made an improvised Pesto! It was great. I made enough to freeze portions in an ice cube tray for quick individual servings later. I used the greens as you would fresh basil leaves, added fresh garlic cloves, California olive oil, Kosher salt, and fresh key lime juice (any lemon or lime will work). I also substituted Pine Nuts with a cheaper alternative...Raw Pepitas that I toasted. I think I might have to make this again!

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                artchic2, those pepitas are a great substitute. good prices on those from trader joe's, btw.