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Jan 11, 2009 05:44 PM

Where do I buy French Fried Onion Rings

Used to buy these at a food store called Esposito and Provigo I believe
I asked at Maxi in Dorval last month and manager there did not seem to remember seeing these for awhile.

Trying hard to remember who made them and also which aisle they would be in


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  1. You mean the French's fried onions - the ones in a can? I have seen them at IGA in the CSL shopping center, and will check tomorrow, but am pretty sure Loblaws St. Jacques carries them too. I would think pretty much any grocery store has them.

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      Sorry yes I meant the ones in the can by Frenchs


    2. Hmm, are you talking about Durkee french fried onions? These are usually in the pantry/baking aisle from what I remember, though it's been a while since I bought them. Pretty sure I have seen them in the past at IGA, and there is a chance Costco might have them. I'll keep an eye out...

      1. Do you mean McCain's frozen fried onion rings? I've seen them around somewhere but can't quite remember where. I'll keep an eye out for them.

        1. Are the French's in the can like the bags of fried onions from places like the Netherlands or Denmark that I find in Akhavan's? They're crispy fried onions that I use as a bit of crunch on things like casseroles.

          1. I'm almost 100% sure they carry them at the metro on Queen mary, or pretty much any metro, IGA or Loblaws for that matter.