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Jan 11, 2009 05:12 PM

Lost in Translation ... Cassoulet

William Sonoma has published what appears to be a nice recipe for a Cassoulet that I would like to try. Only problem is that the recipe calls for a slow cooker and I neither have one nor intend to purchase one.

What oven temp would be the equivalent of "low" for a slow cooker - assuming that the dish is going to cook for 7 +/- hours in the slow cooker version of the recipe?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I haven't seen the recipe but would guess that you would brown everything in a Dutch oven and then put (covered) in the oven - hard to guess on the temp, but maybe as low as 250 for a long time --- many hours. Maybe others can give better advice.

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      I would agree with C oliver on the cooking time- low and slow. If you are in a rush though, Jacques Pepin has a quick cassoulet that is great. Here is a link:
      The first cassoulet I made was Julia Childs, the recipe is like four pages long and takes several days to make. It became quite an undertaking and as I would make all the components, my friend would sit at my kitchen counter and sing, to the tune of the Isley brothers song "that lady" " who's that lady, cassoulady" the name stuck and now i make it every year in the winter.

    2. Hi, SR. I went to the Williams Sonoma website and checked out all three of their cassoulet recipes, and frankly, even though the slow cooker recipe is purportedly by Thomas Keller, it doesn't read like a very authentic recipe to me. And it's wasteful. Panko bread crumbs to STIR into beans?

      I would recommend you use this version of their cassoulets:

      Of their three recipes, the one with duck legs falls short, in my opinion, because they are not in confit form, which is very very traditional. The recipe I recomend falls well withing the traditions of cassoulet, PLUS it gives cooking times in a real oven! And from reading the recipes, I think it will taste best.

      If you have your heart set on the Keller recipe, then I recommend you Google several cassoulet recipes and average out the cooking times and temp based on a consensus. Good luck!

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        I agree with c oliver, C1 & cassoulady--it might be better to use a different, more traditional recipe (if you have the time) than one made specifically for a slow cooker. Slow cookers have been around for 1 generation, cassoulets for (minimally) hundreds of years.

        I liked this explanation of cassoulet:

      2. I realize this post is ancient, but I just came across it.

        When I make the Williams-Sonoma/Thomas Keller slow cooker cassoulet, I always do it in the oven. Since the low setting of a slow cooker is roughIy 200 degrees, and high is 300 degrees, I bake at 250 degrees with good results. Serve with some Dijon mustard on the side (a cassoulet suggestion from Jacques Pepin). It's absolutely delicious, and I've made many cassoulets, including some from Pepin and Child.

        1. This is one of my favorite recipes - whether "authentic" or not the results are epic.

          1. Thanks for the bumping up this thread. I will have to add this to my growing list of cassoulet recipes that I have been collecting. I threaten each New Years Day that "I'm really making cassoulet this year!". Yet to happen, but someday!