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Jan 11, 2009 04:52 PM

My oven says its 375, my new Taylor thermo says its 275

So either my brand new Kenmore Elite oven is full of it, or my brand new Taylor oven thermometer is full of it. I am gonna say the oven is lying, but off by 100 degrees?!?! No wonder my Genoise is failing so badly!?

I moved the rack holding the Taylor to the top, and it increased an additional 10 degrees. The thermometer is hanging from below the rack by a clip. I have no idea if it was swung around to the top so it was above the top rack if it would register a higher heat? But no matter since no food can float in air anyway.

The Genoise I believe is supposed to be near the bottom 3rd of the oven. What should I do? Crank the oven to 450 and see if I can get the Taylor to register 375? Or just wait and see if the temp goes up? Maybe the oven is lying too quickly? It did beep after supposedly reaching my desired temp.

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  1. Experiment. Try setting the oven and baking something temperature-sensitive. Then try it again with the oven at the right temp according to your thermometer. I'd be more inclined to say the oven is to blame - I hope it's still under warranty!

    1. I would trust the Taylor thermometer. There's a way to adjust the thermostat on the oven, but I have no idea how to do that (since it's brand new, it should be under warranty and could be checked out easily)

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        On older electric stoves, you change the calibration by moving a ring on the back of the control dial. In effect you change the position of the dial relative to the control shaft.

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          If you a stove with a digital setting, the manual should give directions for recalibration. I recently did mine and it was very easy to do,

      2. if it's a gas range, at least where i live (in So CA), the gas company will come out and calibrate the oven FOR FREE. might as well take advantage of that, if your utility company offers it!

        1. Definitely call Sears and have it serviced. It could be as simple as calibration but could be a lot of things especially if a computer board is involved. You paid too much to not have it work. Document all your dealings with the oven. I would also check if you raise the temperature of the oven does the element come on and raise the temp? I had a very bad experience with an oven(not Sears) and I would say get on it right away with Sears.

          1. i have the opposite problem.... my oven is set to 300, but the thermometer says between 400 and 425... a HUNDRED degree difference!!