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Jan 11, 2009 04:47 PM

Looking for solo dining with good food - Kobe Club?

I will be in South Beach in early Febraury for one night during the week. I'm looking for a place to eat alone at the bar that will have good food, service and atmosphere. I've eaten at most places in SB - Prime 112, Nobu, Meat Market, Bond Street, etc. Would Kobe Club fit this discription? Are there better suggestions?

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  1. I would not do Kobe Club as it is very overpriced and not great. I would do Sardinia, I am hearing very good things about Red - not only here, but have not been yet. I have never eaten at the bar at talula but I am sure you can which is also far better food than Kobe.

    1. I haven't tried Kobe Club but haven't heard much that makes me want to try it. There's a sizable and lively eating bar at Meat Market that would probably be a good place to dine as a solo. Nobu, oddly, does not have an actual sushi bar and I don't believe they serve food at the bar that's directly outside the restaurant. Bond Street I haven't been to since a couple chef changes ago, which might make a difference. Sardinia has a nice bar for eating though is not walking distance from the main drag of South Beach. Talula is something of a quieter scene but you could eat at either the bar or the kitchen bar.

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        I have eaten at the bar at nobu before.

      2. Often eat as a solo at the bar and agree that Sardinia is probably your best bet. Bar at Kobe is maybe four or five seats with hit or miss food.