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Jan 11, 2009 03:35 PM

Good eats on Long Island?

I moved to Florida back in 2006, the food here is nowhere near as good as it was in New York. I'm going back to LI for a quick weekend and want to take advantage of the good food "back home"; but I can't remember which restaurants I loved, or even if they're still open. I used to go to Cilantro in Blue Point, Takara and Kotobuki in Islandia (I think) and Vincent's Clam Bar in Carle Place, but I'm stuck to remember any others.

What does everyone recommend? We're staying at the Marriott in Islandia.

Thanks in advance for all recommendations.

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  1. Kotobuki in Hauppauge for amazing sushi and great cooked stuff too-- their salmon teriyaki is sublime. Maroni's in Northport for fabulous Italian-- best restaurant on the Island, IMO. A tiny place and they don't have a printed menu; order a la carte or do the tasting. Unforgettable. For Chinese, Ancient Ginger in St. James is very good. La Plage in Wading River is a beautiful spot and the food's great.....

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      thank you, sardinefan, will definitely check out your suggestions...:)

    2. Kazu is a WONDERFUL sushi place in Nesconsett in the Nesconsett Plaza. Only a few tables which makes it extra special. The owner (Kazu) is a sport fisherman and will bring his catch in as the daily special (although it won't really concern you in winter). If you're looking to spend some money and eat some steak, Teller's, next to the Islip Town Hall can hold it's own with any of the big names. The 20's bank building that it's in is really cool.

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