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Jan 11, 2009 03:17 PM

Any thoughts on Lucien??

Need to find a great spot for a special dinner. Have been to Nota Bene and loved it but need to go somewhere new. Came across Lucien- can anyone speak to their experience there??? If not recommend somewhere to go to impress a foodie???

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  1. i was there for dinner in mid november...the service was great...friendly and not to attentive...the food was good..not dinner looked as though it should have come with a frame not a plate...too much time spent of the look...there was like this foam like thing on my plate...i cook a lot and i just don't get that...the dessert was very good...and the wine selection was nice....i enjoyrfd the dinner but i will not be going back any time soon ...

    1. Very mixed. Sometimes fires on all cylinders - but too often struggles to be ordinary. I've given up - last time was ofhand service and food combinations that seemed arbtrary.
      Have you tried Globe?

      1. Went last fall and didn't enjoy it at all...too many flavours on the plate and the service was far too attentive. The owner, waiter, and bus boy asked us how each course was - yes 9 times. Annoying.

        1. Went once, service was attentive, water glass, wine glass and such was refilled w/o prompt.

          Food however is average, they're overreaching. Some of the combinations and techniques seems to be done for wow factor rather than flavour. Overuse of powders in the lamb dish, imo. The place is quite expensive for what it is...

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            I agree; the food is definitely overpriced, almost to the point of being pretentious, even though there's little to be pretentious about.

            For a recommendation, what price range are you looking at? Any styles of cuisine that you wouldn't considering? I'd definitely check out some of Charles_Yu's posts; if you're looking to impress a foodie, Chinese is probably one of the best ways to do it in Toronto!

          2. I've had full dinner at Lucien once and otherwise stopped in for drinks and apps. I don't regret my dinner, but it was on the better side of good, and in Toronto that's never been sufficient to make me want to go back (for the full spread). I think it's worth the experiment if you're relatively liberal with dining time and money and enjoy making the rounds to Toronto hot-ish spots... but it won't knock you out of the park. I'd rather go to Colborne Lane for the same-ish money.