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Jan 11, 2009 03:11 PM

White Castle Burger in Frozen Food Dept in

Supermarkets, is it real beef and how are they? Will I get sick if I don't eat fast food, the only reason why I might is because it is frozen, so what do you think? Thanks

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  1. They are a good substitute if you a White Castle fan, but I don't think that someone who doesn't eat fast food would like them.

    1. Have you ever had a WC or Krystal burger? If so, I think they're quite good. I microwave two wrapped in a paper towel - 30 seconds, flip and another 30. And yellow mustard :)

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        I've tried them before using the boxed instructions and didn't care for them (by the time the meat is cooked, the bread is all gummy). I tried them again in the oven over a casserole full of water, but the bread ended up too toasty and the meat barely cooked. But by experimenting, I found that wrapped in a paper towel, sandwiched between two paper plates, microwaved for 40 seconds on one side then flipped over and nuked 20 seconds on the other, worked best for me. The meat was done, the bread was warm but not too doughy. And it only took me 8 burgers to get the technique down! Gotta remember to put a pickle in there, too.

      2. The white castle burgers in the frozen food section are good. It's an easy way to fulfill your craving but at home instead of the drive-thru.

        1. they're tasty! I doubt you'll get sick, but if you don't eat fast food you might not like them.

          1. they're great...especially if you are in a city w/o a WC franchise