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Jan 11, 2009 02:50 PM

Where are all the taco trucks in Phoenix?

They're all over the place in Yuma, but can't really seem to hunt down a good one in Phoenix.

Or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough.

Any with a good hot spit for al pastor?

How about one that grills up whole fish?


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  1. There's one outside my office right now. Comes by every day at 10:00 a.m. I don't know of any permanent spots, but your best bet is a construction site or area with a lot of hourly workers. That's where I see them most often.

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    1. re: ajs228

      Two I know of:

      east side of 16th St @ Van Buren-ish--two trucks, one surf and one turf
      north side of Broadway, just east of 7th Ave--one truck with table service(!)

      1. re: ajs228

        Large construction sites are far and few between these days, me thinks

      2. Ton of them down Buckeye and Lower Buckeye and the lower avenues, out til about 75th.

        1. The Van Buren trucks are decent - but then again there's Asadero Norte de Sonora across the street, and a few other Chow faves in a 5 minute radius... all in permanent buildings.

          In general, I'd guess the economics of the PHX metro area might preclude the proliferation of trucks outside of construction areas and places with a lot of workers/few options as the rents for permanent places (generally) aren't prohibitive. Not compared with CA - where restaurant space is very costly and a truck need only park for a few hours to serve a big lunch crowd and be done for the day. I ate many a lunches from trucks working in downtown L.A., where the other options were mostly chains or fancy places. But if there was a Carolinas or El Nopalito nearby, why go to a coach?

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            hey tastyjon,

            Have you heard (or tried) the Korean BBQ taco truck making its rounds around LA? It's pretty good, but the lines can be maddening.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              No - but I drove through Koreatown just about every day on my commute, so I probably wouldn't have noticed, given so many other options. Maybe they can start a similar service in PHX!

            2. re: tastyjon

              As a truck lover, sometimes they have advantages over sit down restaurants. Prices are usually better, service is quicker, and they often do a limited range of things well.

              But laws also influence the number of trucks. In many places, like Yuma, the trucks can't just park in a parking spot on a street. So here, the trucks that aren't at job sites are in empty lots, in the parking lots of convenience stores or Mexican markets, or are in lots whose sole purpose is to house one or more trucks - having water, electricity, and even restrooms sometimes. Almost like a truck/restaurant fusion.

              But in a place where real estate is more valuable than down here, such options would be restricted.

            3. Most of the good taco trucks come out at night and stay open late in specific locations. Unfortunately, I don't know where those are although I have passed a few in South Phoenix. Check out for a great website on Los Angeles taco trucks. Wish we had that going here.

              1. There's one just south of the 51 and Bell Rd, but I have absolutely no idea how it is. I just drive by it quite often, always telling myself I should stop and try it. I should probably just stop slacking and order a damn taco.