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Jan 11, 2009 02:11 PM

Has anyone tried bibim bap at ramen setagaya?

I walked by Ramen Setagaya on 1st ave this afternoon and noticed that they are now serving bibim bap in the back. It's quite affordable for both lunch and dinner. There were menus posted, and some reviews, but the reviews were in Korean. Has anyone tried it?

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  1. did you happen to notice if they serve the dul sot/stone pot version?

    thanks :)

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    1. re: david sprague

      Funny you should ask, they serve the bibimbop "hot stone" for an extra buck. I was wondering what the "R" and "H" logos were on the menu, they stand for "regular" and "hot stone".

    2. I went there on Friday night and it was excellent. I used to live in Korea and this is some of the best bi bim bap I have had since leaving.

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        1. That back spot of Setagaya is permanently diseased (it's called Bibim Bar now)... first was Pasta Waifu (Japanese/Italian pasta) and then Izakaya Oni. Both were pretty bad, and relied heavily on drink specials to attract customers.

          Anyways, I considered going a while back, but heard they don't serve panchan (the side dishes you get with any Korean meal) and decided against it. Any place along K-town will have bibimbap for ~10-13 AND come with the panchan.

          The reviews on Yelp are also pretty damning.

          1. I've been there a couple of times. I don't know... each time I left (twice? three times?) I thought to myself "I don't need to go back there." There's nothing *wrong* with it. I just felt like the price didn't match with the quality. It also seemed incredibly slow considering it was usually (damningly) empty the times I was there.

            There are lots of good places to bibimbap, and I didn't feel like Bibim Bar measured up.

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            1. re: egit

              Haven't had the bibim bap, but I've tried a couple veg sides with drinks. Not bad, not great. Sake list is short, inexpensive and not surprising. Beers are also the usual suspects. (There are also soju cocktails. Business was slow and they comped me a couple shots of these. The green tea drink did have real tea flavor; some others I've tried around town did not.)

              I liked the relaxed vibe and friendly staff, though. I'd go back with a group that was primed to drink, and I might try the bibim bap.