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Jan 11, 2009 01:38 PM

I need suggestions for excellent appetizers for a champagne brunch....

A relative is having a late Christmas gathering of relatives since she had to spend the holidays with in laws. There will be at least 21 people, including my elderly mother in law and sister in law that are flying in for the weekend. The main course will be beef fillet and either lobster tail or shrimp, along with breakfast casseroles, etc. I've been asked to bring a couple of appetizers as well as deviled eggs. The first thing I thought about making was brie en croute, but I found out that the hostess hates brie. (I didn't think anyone disliked brie!!!) My mother in law was known for being an excellent cook, and I've managed to follow in her footsteps and impress her over the years, so I would like for the trend to continue.

We hosted a Christmas Eve with the rest of the family that will be there and served more than a dozen appetizers that evening, so I'm trying to come up with some different recipes to try for the brunch. I would love some suggestions.

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  1. This was a JungMann thread from a couple of month ago. You'll get tons of inspiration:

    1. mmmm, bacon wrapped water chestnuts (or scallops), citrus crab salsa in phyllo cups, proschutto wrapped bread sticks.

      1. I just reread this. You're having a *brunch* with beef tenderloin, lobster tails or shrimp, breakfast casseroles, etc? I think I'd do a really big fruit platter. You can arrange it artfully and drizzle with an appropriate dressing. All that food is going to be SO heavy, especially for brunch; might be a good idea to lighten up. Maybe some crudites also.

        1. I did these at several parties during the holidays was a very big hit. Bacon wrapped quail legs with a blueberry dipping sauce. Also Lobster bisque shooters served in mini martini glasses.

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            I love shooters for an appetizer. You can do seafood cocktail shooters.... a pinch of chopped celery, a dollop of cocktail sauce then top with either a shrimp, some small bay scallops or a seafood combo.

          2. Someone doesn't like Brie!!!! Let's just shoot them and put them out of their misery!

            Seriously, I suggested this appetizer for another poster. They elegant, simple and can be made in advance.

            Boil small new potatoes. Cool, cut in half and use a melon baller to scoop out some of the insides. Fill the cavity with seasoned sour cream. I used garlic and Lawry's Season Salt. Then top with a small pinch of chives and a little bit of caviar.

            If you don't like caviar, you can use bacon crumbles, finely shredded cheese, finely chopped tomatoes, a dill spring... Use your imagination!

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              I've done the potatoes but filled with a smoked salmon or tuna tartare. Topped with a little sour cream limon juice "sauce."