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Jan 11, 2009 01:35 PM

wedding in Puerto Morelos

We are planning a wedding at Ceiba del Mar in Puerto Morelos in November. We are considering only doing the ceremony there and finding a great restaurant within driving distance (maybe 30 minutes each way?) for the reception. I'm thinking there would be 35 of us, so the restaurant would need to be able to accomodate that many people. Good food and a great view are important to us. We do not need a private room.

I've been searching the board, but it seems all similar requests are for Cabo or Puerto Vallarta. Anything in my area? Help, fellow hounds!

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  1. Why schlep 35 people to Cancun or Playa del Carmen for a meal, when Pelicanos, 50 feet south of the dock in the square in Puerto Morelos, has the best grilled conch with garlic, the best ceviche, and is right on the water? Sometimes the best answer is right in front of your nose! Cool place, and they can certainly handle your size group.

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      Thanks Veggo! I had heard of this place, but didn't know if it was nice enough to have a wedding reception yet. Does anyone have a website for the place? I can't seem to find any menus or pictures online. Or contact info for that matter...

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        Pelicanos is pure Mexican and undoubtedly not high tech. But I think it would be an incredible reception venue; infinitely more memorable than a sterile buffet in Cancun or any of the all-inclusives on the way to Playa. And moving that many people is no easy task there.
        I would be happy to connect you to my lady-friend in Playa who is a wedding planner, if it could be useful. My e-mail address is on my profile. Maria is an erudite sweetie, fluent in many languages and 100% reliable.
        Curiously, I have attended 2 weddings in Mexico- through Chowhound!

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          I think I would prefer to take care of things myself. But if you have a website or an email for the restaurant, that would be great!

    2. Although I like Veggo's idea, it would not be hard for me to transport the wedding party elsewhere for a great meal in a beautiful setting. Please keep the ideas coming!

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        I went to one reception at La Casa de Agua in Playa (on 5th Ave. at 2nd st. ). They did a really good job for a group about the size of yours. They have a nice open upstairs that they can reserve for private groups. Many restaurants hesitate to book large groups because of the dead time before your reservation. Few even take reservations.
        If you are really in a spending mood, John Grey (Cancun and Playa) or Negrosal (Playa) could fix you up in fine style. Strolling 5th ave. in Playa would be a neat experience for first-timers. November weather is nice, first 2 weeks can be breezy.

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          I sent emails to La Case De Agua, Negrosal, and Yaxche. We'll see what they say!

      2. I loved Pelicano - probably ate there 5 of the 8 nights I was in P.M. I havent been in years, but there was a more upscale restaurant that had reknowned Sunday BBQ- cant think of the name. Not that I am suggesting the BBQ - just hoping maybe Veggo will recognize it from that?

        Yaxche was great - but I havent been there in years either - unless they expanded it, you'd basically be taking over the whole place - its pretty small.

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          Yaxche has a small room in the back, a small room in the middle, and 5 or 6 sidewalk tables. A bit compartmentalized for a large group, but it's not my wedding. It's the only attempt at authentic Mayan in the area. Small portions so you need to do several courses to eat well. Good food and presentaions. $$$
          I don't know if they reserve for large groups.
          The most upscale in PM I know of is John Gray's Kitchen. Playa folks would drive up regularly, but then he opened in PDC (14th st. between aves. 5 & 10). There is a lot of new stuff around the new marina at the south end of Puerto Morelos. I did a quick look-see in November but it reminded me too much of Puerto Aventuras.

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