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Wine Bar/Tapas - Lower Manhattan (Recommendations)

Looking to built a repetoire of good wine bars between Chelsea and union square or flatiron and as south as soho. I was recently at boqueria and enjoyed it however the tapas werent very appetizing, I hear the food off the full menu is better. Slightly annoyed that theyve shut down the entire bar/restaurant for a private function tonight. If you have any other good suggestions, please let me know. Thanks.

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  1. I really like winebar (65 Second Avenue between 3rd and 4th Streets). Great wine, nice vibe.

    I've also heard great things about Gottino in the West Village. 52 Greenwich Avenue.

    1. I really like Terroir in East Village.

      Bar Jamon on Irving Place (with Casa Mono) is awesome too.

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        Wine bar below Peasant is great. Also, Alta has delicious tapas though is much more of a restaurant than wine bar.

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          2d both of these. I also like Gottino, and Casellula, which is outside of the geographic parameters.

        2. I am 20 and would love to go to a winebar... I look my age, but do you think any of these wine bars will card me? Just wondering!

          1. euzkadi on 4th street has some very tasty tapas

            i like the duck meatballs, the olives, the shrimp in jamon, and the mushroom/crostini doohickey -whatever it's called

            1. alta is good. i have found that no tapas place is amazing. some of good, great and not good dishes. alta has a great atmosphere, try to sit near the fireplace. i didn' t love the food at boqueria either, the sangria was delicious-however the glass was so tiny. pipa is cool as well but the food gets mixed reviews.

                1. Tapeo 29 LES is great tapas spot.

                  1. tapeo 29 lower east side is great tapas spot