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Ottawa: Need rec for dinner

Los Angeles Hound will be in Ottawa for our nephews wedding and will be going out to dinner with several adults on Friday. I'm looking for any type of cuisine, with quality food being the first criteria. Anything from top notch wood burning pizza to moderately high end french or "locovore" cooking would be great. It's all about the quality of what is on the plate. Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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  1. Dress warm! It's going to be very, very cold during the next few days.

    The first restaurant in Ottawa to try is Beckta (really high end). Also in the downtown core, in an area called the Byward market is Navarra (Basque). It's very new and has received some rave reviews but I haven't been personally. Also in this area are Domus, Murray Street and Sweetgrass. This latter is my favourite - an aboriginal bistro.

    If you have a car, I reccomend the Wellington Gastropub, west of the downtown core or Les Fougeres, across the river in Quebec in Chelsea.

    Good websites to research restos are Capital Dining (restaurant critic from the Ottawa Citizen), Omnivores Ottawa (blog by Ottawa Citizen food writer) and Ottawa Foodies.

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      Agree with your recommendations ceebee1.

      Beckta is very good and the Wellington Gastropub was a recommendation to me from owner Stephen Beckta.

      On a visit last year Murray Street was recommended to me by my server at Stella and the bartender at Murray Street suggested I try Navarra.

      All good as is nearby Domus if we are talking about Murray Street locations.

    2. There's some fine Italian and Chinese cooking on Somerset. Also, Le Cordon Blue has a dining room that is a major bargain and v. good. Oh and seriously, you're gonna need some heavy duty outer wear. It's not joke Ott is majorly cold in the winer.

      1. Highly, HIGHLY recommend Wellington Gastropub. F------ ROCKS it!


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          Without a shadow of a doubt..."Les Fougeres in Chelsea" ...a short drive from downtown...
          Wear your woolies!! Ottawa in the Winter is the pits!!

        2. Try Farbs,
          opened back in November. Locavore joint.
          i was there on opening night for dinner it was very tasty.

          1. I would also consider the new Black Cat Bistro. They've got an interesting menu and it's relatively affordable. Everything we had was delicious!

            1. I second all of the above, esp. the Black Cat - one of my favourites. A'Roma, across the street from Beckta on Nepean, does creative and yummy tapas. I've also heard very good things about the Fraser Cafe on Beechwood Ave. - i.e. a very small place with an excellent and perfectly executed menu - though I've not been myself.

              Cafe 104 in the Glebe is a nice little wine bar for a snack and a tipple in the afternoon.

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                  Thanks for the tip: we will be coming from Montreal next week and after reading this thread, we made reservations at L'Atelier, and we'll probably try Navarra and another place for luncheons. I'll come back to hand in my review LOL

                2. Many thanks to my Northern friends. I knew I could rely on such prompt and gracious replies. I'll forward the boards suggestions to my sister and look forward to what sounds like a cold weekend. I don't want to rub this in, but it is 69F ( About 20C ) outside at 9PM. On the other hand, you have that crisp clean air and wonderful green foliage (in the summer) that we can only dream about. Thanks again.