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Jan 11, 2009 12:50 PM

Negative Review - Memories of Japan

I went to Memories of Japan (on Don Mills, just north of Eglinton) for dinner last night. We opted for the dining room over teppenyaki because there was a long wait for teppenyaki. (As a side note, I find teppenyaki to taste very bland and I'd rather not smell like the food I ate for the rest of the day.)

I was with 2 other people and all 3 of us love japanese food. We opted for MOJ over Takoe Sushi (further north on don mills) because we've had bad experiences with Takoe. A bit of background about the eaters; Maison du Japon and Sushi on Bloor are regular places for us. I would love to try Sushi Kaji but I need to save up for it.

At MOJ, 2 ordered the Tokyo bento box (assorted tempura, including 2 shrimps, chicken teriyaki, rice, broccoli, the smallest portion of seaweed salad ever, 3 pieces tuna roll and 3 pieces cucumber roll) and I ordered the Sushi Tokyo (8 pieces assorted fish, 1 tuna hand roll, 3 pieces tuna roll and 3 pieces cucumber roll). We also ordered a pork cutlet to share.

All entrees came with miso soup and salad. The miso soup was very watered down. The portion was about the size of our tea cup. The salad was iceberg lettuce, a slice of tomato and a sprinkle of radish. The dressing was a creamy dressing, a bit less tangy that 1000 island dressing.

All the rolls were salmon, not the advertised tuna. The rolls were half the size of a regular roll (i think they were sliced about a 1/2" thick and about the size of a loonie). My sushi arrived with a salmon handroll too rather than the tuna. I realized this and told the waitress. She reluctantly took it back and was rude about it. I also got my entree about 10 minutes after the bento boxes arrived.

Service was terrible. We ordered green tea with our entrees. We got the soup and salad before tea and I had to ask again for our tea. I asked 3 times for our cups to be refilled but they never were. We ran out of soy sauce and I had to ask a different server for a refill. The server just plopped our bill down without asking at the end of dessert. (Ice cream came with the bento boxes only).

The bento box was about $15, my sushi combo was$18 and the pork cutlet around $8. For the price we are paying, I didn't expect that MOJ would try to deceive us and give us salmon rather than tuna and to give such small portions of things like miso soup and cucumber rolls.

I highly suggest avoiding this place and would happily go to Mongolian Grill next door the next time I am in that neighbourhood. Heck, I'd rather go to Swiss Chalet than MOJ!

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  1. um, yeah. MOJ is as bad as it gets. Kind of like industrial production. Customers are like cattle in the feedlot. Move in , feed, move out. We used to go there with kids because it was cheap and fast and sort of fun, but ever since my daughter puked all over while there (not restaurant's fault, she was getting stomach flu but we didn't know it yet) we haven't returned. Kind of like why I haven't touched peppermint schnapps lo these 20 years.

    Mongolian Grill is barely better. You need to get out more. That particular geographic area is a wasteland.

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      Just the name alone is a huge red flag.

    2. The original comment has been removed