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Jan 11, 2009 12:15 PM

What happened to My Chow?

I used to enjoy being able to see who responded to the same posts since I did. Why has this link disappeared from the menu bar?

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  1. Thanks for bringing this up, I thought it was just my page or my computer.

    1. It's still where it's always been, for me. Hopefully, someone with more techincial savvy will respond here. I know I couldn't do without it!

      1. I suspect it's a case that you have a larger font size set and the menu bar is cutting off before it gets to mychow.

        If you click your username in the top right corner, or on any post, you'll still get there.

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        1. re: Jacquilynne

          Yes, that is the case which I reported in another post. When they took the 'holiday' button off, it messed up the bar if you use a larger font size.

          Yes, you can get to your profile clicking on your user name, but I'm kind of missing that you could go directly to parts of 'my chow' using the dropdown. If I want to get to lists I must first go to 'my chow'.

          1. re: rworange

            I agree it must be frustrating but if you're using the site in a non-standard way (larger font size) I think you can expect non-standard problems. I've done some web design and I think it would be pretty difficult for the designers to work out a solution that would work for the small subset of users who use the site like that.

            How about bookmarking your My Chow page? I find Hotposts terribly hard to locate, but the designers haven't felt that's a page they want to make easier to find, I guess. So I added a bookmark to my bookmark bar and it's a great solution for me.

            1. re: Chris VR

              Wow. What a reply. As someone who spent their life in IT ... a few decades ... I'm speechless ... well, maybe not.

              First, the fact is that 80 percent of websites accomodate this,

              Second, when the site was redesigned, it cut off that bar as it currently does. It was fixed. So this is not some grand, time-consuming unfixable problem.

              Third, it looks sloppy to anyone new to the site that is using a larger font. I don't usually read Chow, but they never did fix those pages correctly for a larger font. You can read them, but they look amaturish. Any site that looks like this when I'm surfing, I move on.

              Lastly, I remember the old Chowhound where the site was designed to accomodate as many users as possible, So if you had eye problems, the site accomodated that. That was why the site was designed as simply as possible, IIRC.

              Yes, I'm more than aware of the workarounds. I just wanted to report it was more than one person and the reason. If they fix it they fix it.

              I'm sorry to sound cranky, but Chowhound users have been suffering for months and years with technical problem after technical problem. To get it blown off as not part of normal usage so tough ... it doesn't warm my heart ... especially since that is not really true. There were quite a few reports during the redesign when there were grander problems by Chowhounds other than myself.

              Doesn't this post belong on the Technical Board, since it is a bug.

              1. re: Chris VR

                Chris, the -entire- site is also broken for anyone who has their browser default font set at a -smaller- size as well. Give it a try. Wheee!

                So the bottom line is, if you have adjusted standardly-adjustable settings which have been available in -all- major browsers since 1997, chowhound will not work. Not just increasing font size (which is a universal accessibility issue that almost certainly was covered during week 1 of whatever 3-week "html programming" class the redesigners took) but making any change at all that the programmers didn't foresee and the qa team failed to test for.

                That it's remained broken and unmonitored for so long is pretty laughably indefensible.

                Still, no need to bookmark your "my chow". If you're logged in, you can click on your screen name in the upper right corner of the screen.

                1. re: Chuckles the Clone

                  All I'm saying is you can either try to find a solution that works for you or you can be unhappy with how the site works, because the alternative (waiting for the tech people to address problems that affect small segments of the CHOW readership) doesn't seem to be working out that well.

                  And hey, I'm not saying anyone shouldn't feel free to voice their frustration over the odd tech choices that are often made here, but all the voiced frustration doesn't seem to make much difference either. I'm not saying it's for lack of caring, but it just sounds like the tech folks are spinning a lot of plates, and in such an environment, they are going to either go for the low-hanging fruit or the problems that affect the most people.

                  I think I've just gone beyond frustration and now I just accept this site for what it is and find ways to work around the technical limitations and broken bits. I'm not saying that makes me happy, but it does make my experience here a lot less likely to make my blood pressure go through the roof.

                  And yes, you could click on your name, but I was responding to rworange's comment "I'm kind of missing that you could go directly to parts of 'my chow' using the dropdown. If I want to get to lists I must first go to 'my chow'." and a bookmark would help that.

                  1. re: Chris VR

                    re: Chris VR What was frustrating was the response of dismissing this as if it were some sort of little used feature by a small part of the web community.

                    As mentioned, it was just saying the same thing happened to me. It was reported long before and yet it seemed like some sort of surprise that this was happening. Often if only one person reports something it get's written off as something that is a problem only for them or ... a small group.

                    This certainly didn't bother me when I first saw it. I just thought it was useful for the one breif shining moment it was there. When I saw the bar was screwed up again, I reported it. Obviously it wasn't put on any bug list or noted.

                    Obviously, I was way too concise and brief in that report ... back to being long-winded :-)

                    1. re: rworange

                      Sorry if you thought my post was dismissing anything- I was just pointing out what I perceive to be the (unpleasant) reality of the situation based on my observations from the past few years. I just haven't seen much activity happening on bugs that aren't perceived to be mission critical, and wanted to point out a workaround that might help you.