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Jan 11, 2009 12:05 PM

Russian in Westchester?

My 7 year old wants to try Russian food. We live in Rye Brook. Can anyone recommend anything in southern Westchester, Greenwich or Stamford or do we need to take him into the city?

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  1. Not knowing or ever hearing of a Russian place in area, I started to wonder as well.
    A seach of Zagat found the only places within 50 miles all located within The City:

    1. I don't have any specific recommendations but it might be fun to combine a trip to the NY Aquarium in Brooklyn with a trip to Brighton Beach to try some Russian food. Ask for restaurant ideas in the outer boroughs board.

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        This is good advice. My wife is Russian, so we try to eat and do culturally relevant things on occasion. There are enclaves around stamford, some Ukrainian in Yonkers, more russian in bronxville. But to get a real experience, you'll have to do either Forest Hills or Brighton. We also take our kids to the acquarium and them head over to International on brighton beach ave (at brighton 2); go all the way upstairs to the cafe. They serve most of the prepared foods that are sold downstairs. It's cheap and good. It will not only be authentic food, but an immersion experience for the entire family.

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          We adopted our ds from Russia and have been meaning to take him down to Brighton to eat. Does this cafe have soup? When we were in Russia my ds loved this soup at our hotel that had meat and pickles in it. Don't know what it was called.