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Jan 11, 2009 11:20 AM

What's the best way to reheat coffee?

Is there one?

Of course coffee is best enjoyed freshly brewed, but what do you do (if anything) to freshen up a cup of coffee if it's been left to sit around a bit too long?


Double boiler?

Something else?

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  1. I find that I can rehabilitate a ceramic mug o' joe with a couple of minutes in the nucleator, being careful to avoid bringing to a boil. Since I take my coffee black, no sugar (as the good Lord clearly intended) no worries about long-chain milk proteins turning to muck.

    1. I nuke cold coffee on high for 1 minute per cupful.

      I usually pour the just brewed coffee into a insulated carafe that I can pour from all day at the perfect temperature.

      1. I use left over for iced coffee, can't stand re-heating.

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        1. re: cstr

          Ditto, or carefully on the stove. I have no idea why, especially since I don't have an especially sensitive palate, but nuked coffee (black, even) has always tasted funny to me. Gently re-heated on the stove, it just tastes re-heated, not "messed up."

        2. AACKKK! There is NO good way to reheat coffee. Reheated coffee is nasty and best dumped down the drain. Sorry for the tantrum, but I can't stand cold or reheated coffee.

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          1. re: al b. darned

            Old coffee is also good to use on house plants!!
            There must be a law against reheating coffee..............

          2. Since I still make mine in a Chemex pot, I adhere to the process I was taught shortly after we invented fire: put the pot into a pan it'll fit easily, then fill the pan with water just to the coffee level. Put this on the stove and bring just to a gentle boil. The coffee will not taste perfectly fresh, but will have less of an off-taste than you get from any other method. Microwaving is next-best.