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Jan 11, 2009 10:46 AM

Downtown dumplings or potstickers for freezing

Wondering if there is a good restaurant or purveyor of dumplings or potstickers downtown suitable for freezing and cooking at will... vegetable or shrimp would be a plus.

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  1. Vanessa's Dumplings has pretty good shrimp dumplings. The wrappers are too thick, but the filling is beyond reproach. Trader Joe's sometimes has shrimp dumplings also - I find them superior to Vanessa's (also cheaper), but you can't depend on them being in stock. For vegetable dumplings, I like Dumpling House on Eldridge. All of these come already frozen.

    1. I second dumpling house. I also like a place on Mott a block or two south of Houston that also sells fresh rice noodles.
      For pierogies, I love Pierogi Deli on 1st Ave. south of Saint Marks. They don't have shrimp, but their vegetable varieties include a delicious mushroom, sauerkraut, and onion pierogi, and a nice savory potato and onion. An important winter staple for me.

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        I hadn't considered pierogis but that fits the bill too! thanks for the tip

      2. prosperity dumplings on eldridge st. its the same ones they pan-fry, 5 for $1. a bag of 50 costs $8 I believe. admittedly, there's some MSG up in those dumplings, but really good nevertheless.

        1. Strange Taste Cuisine sells 50 for $9. However they contain pork.

          1. I always buy mine from vanessa's. I buy the pack of 30 and freeze them and cook a few whenever in the mood...