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Jan 11, 2009 10:15 AM

Chinese Breakfast in Seattle?

Hounders,help! I've been craving Northern-style Chinese breakfast since I went to bed last night -- not dim sum, but hot salty spicy soy milk you drink like soup and dip those fried sticks of dough in, green onion pancake, dumplings, pan fried pork and veggie buns, steamed shanghai soup dumplings, sesame pancake stuffed with pork and hoisin and scallions...

I don't know if a good place for this exists in Seattle, but I really hope one does.


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    1. re: adeptation

      If you go the Chiangs, let me know about the breakfast. I know exactly what kind of breakfast you are craving from my days in San Francisco.

    2. Thanks for the recommendation! In my desperation I started scouring the internet, and the reviews for Chiang's Gourmet were so good on yelp, that's where we went!

      It was just a short drive from Seattle (<10 mins!) and was seriously awesome. They serve their breakfast menu Sat-Sun 10:30a-3:00p.

      I had:
      - salty soy milk soup that has pork sung, cut up chinese donut, and pickled vegetables
      - green onion pancake was thin, nicely browned and had lots of green onion but was not overpowering
      - baked cake with beef stew was a baked sesame cake stuffed with stewed or otherwise slow cooked beef
      - steamed wonton with hot chili sauce
      - shanghai steamed dumplings

      The standouts for me were
      1) the steamed wonton with chili sauce -- delicate wispy skinned wontons swimming in bright red chili oil, some steamed green vegetable, and chinese pickled vegetable. This was actually not too spicy, but just had really great and well balanced flavors or spicy, salty/savory, sweet, and the pickled vegetables added some sour crunchy bits. Yum!
      2) the salty soy milk -- rich and light at the same time, with lots of great flavor and texture to warm your tummy. Just what I think this dish should be.
      3) green onion pancake -- thin, nicely crisp, but still tender on the inside with lots of sauteed green onion.

      The bill came out to about $24 for all this! The service was slow, but very friendly, and the dining room was actually quite nice -- much better than what I read online, but they have recently redecorated.

      I am definitely going back! Jane917, I grew up in the bay area, too, and this was very satisfying.

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      1. re: yumpassion88

        I'm glad you had a great time. I've always enjoyed their breakfast items. You should try their hand-shaven noodles also. Steamed wonton is definitely one of my favorites.

        1. re: yumpassion88

          According to the website, there are 2 Chiang's. One is on Lake City Way. Which one did you go to? I live in Wenatchee, so it will be a while before I venture over the passes for a much needed foodie fix, but I hope I find time to fit in Chiang's. Thanks for the report!

          1. re: Jane917

            Oh, it's the one on Lake City Way. Hope you make it out, I want to get back to try the dinner!

        2. We had dinner there last week. Do not miss either the Shanghai noodles or the Homemade noodles with ground pork and dried bean curd. They both are fantastic, though I preferred the latter. Also, the salt and pepper fried chicken was what "chicken popcorn" should be: small piece of boneless, recognizably chicken pieces with a tasty crunchy coating. Yummy, and we ate for less than $20 a person with three (recyclable) take home containers!

          1. Greenwood Mandarin in Bellevue. The BEST fan-tuan.

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            1. re: starflyer

              starflyer, are you suggesting that Greenwood has a Northern Chinese breakfast menu? If so, what else does it have?

              1. re: chazuke

                Yes. Are you asking what other Chinese breakfast items? The restaurant is run by a Taiwanese guy. I went just yesterday and we had sweet soy milk, salty soy milk, green onion pancake, rice rolls (fan tuan with you tiao, rou sung, soy sauce egg... etc inside), chive box, and oyster pancake (Taiwanese dish). They also have shao bing, you tiao by itself, dumplings, pork chop rice, a variety of noodle soups and lots of other dishes... many Taiwanese.

                Note, they didn't have any rice porridge (juk or xifan) which I wanted for my baby, but he ended up being happy eating green onion pancake dipped into the sweet soy milk and pieces of fan tuan. And my toddler daughter ate everything... even half of my husband's salty soy "milk" (which is more like tofu soup). She always eats like a ravenous wolf at Greenwood.

                Also, Greenwood is located north of I-90 between 148th and 156th Ave... with the big sigh on the building that says "Chinese Food". Don't be put off by the generic signage, go in. They serve breakfast items on the weekends.

                1. re: starflyer

                  Thanks for the info. My impression is that they are having a hard time getting patrons. I know they made a concerted effort to advertise their menu in the Chinese community, but I'm afraid that their efforts seem not to have succeeded. Every time I've gone for lunch or dinner, the place seems practically empty. (Perhaps the situation is different at breakfast?) This is a shame, because there are some very good items on the menu, including my favorite, the jahm bong soup noodles (which is Korean), which raises another interesting point. It seems they're not sure who their clientele is. They claim they have a separate menu for their Japanese and Korean customers! Again, thanks for the heads-up on the breakfast menu. I will definitely have to try it. BTW, do you have any dinner favorites there?