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Jan 11, 2009 09:40 AM

MSP: Where can I find a "perfect" classic french omelette?

Fellow Chowhounders:

It struck me this morning while I was enjoying a herb and brie omelette at one of my favorite breakfast spots that I don't think I've ever experienced a perfect, classic french omelette. (sure, I've had some attempts, but I don't think I've had one that nailed the french omelette dead to center.)

So how did I get to this topic?

One of the things that I noticed with my herb omelette (and one of my pet peeves with virtually every breakfast joint) is the lack of basic salt and pepper seasoning for the eggs. ("hey, you're the chef, part of your job is to provide 'proper' seasoning!"). Once I had gotten over the fact that my herb omelette was missing basic seasoning, I started to notice it's other "flaws", which got me to wondering "Where in the Twin Cities could I find a perfect, classic french omelette?" Is there a chef in these towns who possesses the tools, the skills, and the knowledge to cook a perfect french omelette in a restaurant setting? If so, who is he/she, and where/when could I sample their proficiency?

[For those who don't know better (and I assume that most of the regular foodies here are in the know), a classic french omelette is far different that those half-moon monstrosities that you find at most american diners and restaurants. The french omelette is delicate, and very basically seasoned. The eggs need to be fresh and the butter needs to be high grade. It may have some additonal items like a little cheese or herbs, etc., but it won't be stuffed to over flowing. The egg is the star here.]

So fellow MSP foodies, do any of you have any suggestions on where to find a perfect french omelette? Do I really have to go to France?

Many thanks in advance.


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    1. re: Jordan

      It's been some time, but I had a very nice omelette at Cafe Barbette.

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      1. This is just conjecture - but Vincent has an omelette on his lunch menu. I've not had one - I'm always tempted away - but I'd run to a kitchen run by someone who probably knows French omelettes if I was jonesing for one.

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        1. re: bob s

          Meritage in St. Paul (at least at lunch) has an omelette du jour. It's quite tasty (along with the rest of their mostly-French menu.)

          1. re: bob s

            Chez Colette at Hotel Sofitel also.

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            1. I'd rather not have the chef season my food with salt and pepper, unless I'm at a really accomplished restaurant. Most people, chefs included, don't know my taste well enough to get it right.

              I expect if anyone does one around here, it would probably be one of the French restaurants...
              La Belle Vie‎
              A Vincent Restaurant‎
              Pierre's Bistro‎

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              1. re: Enso

                La Belle Vie isn't French, and basic cooking 101 is about using salt and pepper to properly season food.

                1. re: Jordan

                  LBV started as a Provencal restaurant, and that's still the predominant influence. If it's not French, it's pretty darn close.

                  1. re: Michael Florey

                    It's Mediterranean-influenced cuisine, which includes the south of France. You generally won't find classic French dishes on the menu.