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Jan 11, 2009 09:20 AM

Why do people use mandolins over food processors

these mandolins were out when I was younger and I understand have been vastly improved
Can someone tell me if they have used them and how much better or worse are they compared to other slicing gadgets

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  1. Precision, mainly. I use one for small amounts when I'm fussing about uniformity. My KA processor, like most others, is great at many things, but precision slicing isn't among them. Seems to be a baked-in problem. Besides, I'm sometimes too lazy to fuss with the set-up and clean-up chores a processor involves.

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      the cut is different and more variable - coleslaw, pesto, latkes/hash browns or whatever then the FP. but as K posts if the issue is precision and uniformity then the mandolin.

    2. I'll usually use a small, inexpensive mandolin for small jobs (like slicing a few potatoes for a gratin) because it only takes a couple of minutes and can be cleaned in seconds instead of lugging out my processor, setting it up and then having to clean all the parts.

      1. I use a mandolin for fine slicing of different thicknesses because a food processor cannot give me the control that I need. I rarely use my food processor for savory dishes because it is so much easier to accomplish the task with a sharp knife when I'm cooking for 2-3 people.

        A mandolin is also much faster to clean up than a food processor.