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Jan 11, 2009 09:19 AM

What would you do?

You have company and are making a traditional dinner from scratch. In this case the dinner is Hungarian. Homemade rye bread and galuska cut by hand are ready to go. Six really nice pork chops were seared perfectly and are simmering away in a paprika enriched sauce. It is getting near to dinner time and you taste the sauce and decide it needs a bit more paprika. That's when you notice that the paprika you used has little webs in it, the sign of a moth infestation. Do you dump out the whole dinner and order a pizza? Or... Do you serve it anyway, after all, lots of people in other parts of the world eat worms and larvae?

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    1. If it tastes fine, then serve it. If there's anything that went in there alive, it certainly won't be after cooking. And DON'T TELL :)

      1. I think I'd serve it. According to this link they won't make anybody sick.

        As c oliver suggests DON'T TELL and make sure these friends don't know you post on this site!

        Lesson learned. Always make sure you have fresh spices before you start cooking.

        1. I wouldn't serve it. Though I am not a stickler for etiquette, serving bugs unannounced to my guests goes against my responsibilities as a host and (dare I say this in fear that I will get flamed?) even seems a bit disrespectful to those eating at my home. I'd save the dish for later, and try to whip up something quick or order in good takeout.

          1. The dishonest/sneaky part of me says...serve and don't tell, but the part of me that I know bothers my conscience says...trash it. Be honest with your guests and suggest pizza or chinese delivery.
            Trust your conscience

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              I've been a victim of the paprika bugs too ... experience has taught me to ALWAYS check the can before using it. Keeping it in the fridge might help. In the above situation I would assess my guests' level of squeamishness, and serve accordingly, after tasting it of course.