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Jan 11, 2009 09:05 AM

fun restaurants in Pittsfield and Great Barrington, MA

Hi fellow Chowhounds!
I love a good charbroiled burger and nice charbroiled crusty steaks..(salad bar is a bonus)
Also love crusy beef ribs... PLEASE let me know what's out there in Pittsfield and Great Barrington...

Are there enough fun places in this area for me to make the drive from my Northhampton destination? (perhaps an overnight in Pittsfield?) Or should I just stick to Northhampton/Springfield MASS?
Thanks from Ellen in AC area...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Ellen---
      Use the search engine at this site and punch in "Great Barrington" and "Pittsfield".
      You will get many current posts about places in both locations.
      I could write yet another long reply to the same question you ask but it would be much easier for you to just go to the search enigne for what you want;that is what the search enigne is for.
      Good eating!

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      1. re: catnip

        Okay, I'll do that....I often don't realize the most practical solution is those search engines!
        thanks Catnip...
        I put up lots of Trip Reports on, so I'm on these food websites a lot!

        I'm looking for the latest updated info , as well, though
        and I find those search engines can be reports from 3 years ago, and the joint is now CLOSED! What are some of YOUR favorite places, catnip
        I'm trying to get a more PERSONAL updated take on things , as well..

        As far as search engines go, why do we even need a personal message board then??
        I like incorporating those search engines , but on these personal boards, I feel like I'm really interacting "live" with Chowhounders!!!
        That's my favorite part!

        1. re: ellen4441

          "As far as search engines go, why do we even need a personal message board then??"

          At the risk of seeming to pile-on, a couple of points:
          The search engine's default setting is one year or LESS.

          A quick search for "Great Barrington" & "Pittsfield" yields 5 pages and 2 pages respectively of resultant OP's. All a year or less old. the Berkshires community of Hounds is very active in posting so there will be very recent posts to research.

          Regular contributors to any board experience "posting fatigue", in answering the same questions multiple times. That's why all the carefully considered previous posting are such a valuable resource.

          If the query is on recently opened restaurants or "I've searched the boards and can't find any recents postiings, help!" - lots of Hound Help will arrive, you can count on it!

          All the best,

          1. re: ellen4441

            HarpOOn hit the nail right on the head Ellen.
            You really do get "posting fatigue" when people ask for the same good information over and over again when all these posters have to do is to use the "search" site to find usually current information on a location to eat. and reataurants in any given area.
            That is why the "search' engine is so good imo.
            Like HarpOOn said there are many recent posts for the areas you are looking for.
            I like reading a posted review of a restaurant but I realize that what one person likes another person may not like.
            One person may get great service yet another person may get bad service at the same place.
            I like finding a "perponderence" of evidence about a place and ,usually,the search enigne helps me in this respect.
            By "perponderence" Zinc in Lenox is worth avoiding imo and many have agreed with this conclusion while I liked Xicohtencatl in Great Barrington and others have disagreed with me on the place.
            Good investigating.
            ps---you will be very happy eating at Brix in Pittsfield,Chez Nous in Lee,and Rouge in West Stockbridge by perponderence of positive posts that Chowhounders have posted about these places.

        2. Ellen,
          I read all your posts on and think you would enjoy Baba Louie's in Great Barrington. http://www.babalouiessourdoughpizzaco...


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          1. re: jaylhorner

            Hi Jay,
            Nice to hear from you!
            I will definitely keep Baba Louie's in mind!

            I appreciate your suggestions, catnip and harpoon, but I could'nt seem to find burger, steak and beef ribs in those "search engines"...
            there seemed to be a lot of seafood and Chinese write ups.....
            perhaps I just need to look harder?!?!

            I know what you mean by FATIGUE, in "oh no, not another poster asking where to eat in Boston" , or whatever...
            And like you said, harpoon, newly opened restaurants receive lots of Chowhound interest. I'm particularly enjoying reading the big thread on the LOCAL BURGER AND FRIES new joint in Northampton, and you can bet I've already put that on my list of places to try!!

            It's very rewarding putting up all my Trip Reports on ( lots of food pics, etc), however it IS very time consuming, as it will often take 2 hours or so to complete a report. And THAT certainly can get fatiguing, as well!!!
            So now, I'm trying to branch out a little and spend more time on other sites, like this CHOWHOUND....I've always liked Chowhound, and I plan to like it even more!!!
            Happy Chowhounding, guys!

            1. re: ellen4441

              Local Burger & Fries is pretty great. Although I also recommend the Smithsonian in Hatfield and Johnny's in the Village Common shops in South Hadley'. Just finished a roadtrip with my son where we hit Terry's in Cincinnati for Burgers (excellent!) and got a chance to check out the Five Guys burger chain as well (which was on a par with In & Out).

              Anyway, I'm rambling, but I was just checking out restaurants in the North Adams area for my brother-in-law, and it looks like Brix has a very nice bistro menu, including a $21 steak frites that makes me think maybe I should hit Mass Moca this weekend too. The Sol Lewitt show is supposed to be amazing.

              From Northampton, taking the Pike ro Pitts/Adams is a pretty quick ride. The ride on 2 is prettier, but takes quite a bit longer.

              have a good trip

              1. re: fatheryod

                Brix is in Pittsfield, not North Adams.

                1. re: fatheryod

                  Route 9 from Northampton to Pittsfield is also a very nice ride and fairly quick. Don't be afraid to stop in Williamsburg and have a meal at The Brewmaster's Tavern or at Big Mamou. Both places are very good.

                  1. re: Dana1949

                    OMG, Brewmaster's Tavern is GODAWFUL! Unless, of course, you like baked potatoes in aluminum foil, plastic tubs of margarine and no placemats, not even paper ones! The only decent thing I've had at Big Mamou's in Wiliamsburg are the fried oysters. The rest of it is pure slop.

                  2. re: fatheryod

                    Actually, the quickest way from the Northampton area to Pittsfield is on Rt. 9, but didn't this post start as a Berkshire county request rather than the valley area?

                  3. re: ellen4441

                    FYI--re: burgers. My favorite burger anywhere in the region (from Albany NY to Norrthampton MA) is the rouge burger at Rouge in West Stockbridge. Cooked to order on homemade brioche bun, good beef, with all the salady stuff, and true pommes frites.

                2. Moe's Tavern in Lee has multiple HD flatscreens and a wide assortment of extraordinarily good domestic micro brews. They have a small bar menu, but all the choices are excellent. From sliders to chili dogs, really good wings made with 90 minute IPA and good fries. Really nice cozy atmosphere.

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                  1. re: Lenox637

                    Thanks Lenox637, mjoyous, dana, fatheryod, Berkshire tsarina!
                    This thread is really taking off now!
                    Appreciate you telling me your favoite places...
                    I like hearing NAMES!
                    Keep it up , Chowhounders! It's never enough!