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Jan 11, 2009 08:58 AM

Honey Crisp Apples

Has anyone seen Honey Crisp Apples sold around Montreal recently. I found some at COSCO in early December that were from Quebec and great,Then some Utility Crisps popped up at Loblaws that were a huge disappointment.Anybody seen any recently ?

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  1. Scarcity could be weather-related. At a honeycrisp MO website and they were apologizing for shipping delays casued by the bad weather; they couldn't gaurantee the fruit woudn't be frozen en route.


    Head to allaboutapples.com to search for growers in your area


    good luck

    1. i believe I have seen some at Jean-talon market... not sure about the exact vendor though...Chez Louis perhaps...

      1. I got some at Costco about 2 weeks and they were average. I don't think it was a good year for honeycrisps. Last year all the ones I got at Costco and Loblaws were fantastic.

        1. The Honeycrisp at the supermarkets in town seem to be this year's crop from France. I haven't had any Quebec ones since late September. For some reason, the Honeycrisps I bought in T.O at the Richmond Hill Loblaw's, over the Xmas holidays were larger and seemly more juicy than the ones I bought last week here in Mtl and they were both the French imports.

          1. I've been bying mine at Nino at JTM for the last couple of months. They had them last saturday. So damn good but also quite expensive.

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              Thanks Campofiorin,I was at Chez Louis on Saturday didn't see any there and did not go next door to Nino's to check. Will hop up there today