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Jan 11, 2009 08:47 AM

Best Jazz Brunch

I'm going to count up the votes and see who wins. So far (as I have searched the boards) there doesn't seem to be a restaurant that seems consistently recommended for jazz brunch other than Commanders. Just thought it would be interesting. Please vote! has to be jazz brunch, not just brunch!

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  1. Sunday Jazz Brunch with the Pfister Sisters at Marigny Brasserie gets my vote.

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    1. re: robrob

      enjoyed the music; the food and service not so much. wonder what the menu will be with the changes in the kitchen.

    2. We've never had a bad brunch at Mr. B's. We've had brunch there for many years.
      The Jazz bands they have are quite good too.

      We had brunch at Brennan's last visit, and I don't recall if there was Jazz or not.
      You'll get mixed reviews on Brennan's, but our food was just divine!