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Jan 11, 2009 08:34 AM

What's your favorite grocery store stock and why?

yeah, yeah, I know I should make my own, but until I get some room in my freezer, it ain't happening.

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  1. I like "Better than Bouillion" in the low sodium version. Both the beef and chicken are good. Adam

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      Have you ever tried Herb-Ox' no sodium chicken broth packets? Really nice flavor with no sodium; box runs around $2.19 for 8 packets...I had to cook really low-sodium for one of my son's last year...I've stuck with that particular product for myself...I really love it. I need to try the Better Than Bouillon...maybe I'll do a "blind" taste test.

    2. Ditto Better than Bouillon soup bases. I haven't seen the low sodium, Adam, but will keep an eye out for it. They make several flavors, and I recently picked up mushroom and just made a cup of broth to taste it. It should work great in mushroom soup or ragout.

      For organic, I like Imagine No Chicken in the shelf-stable boxes. Very rich for a vegetable broth.

      1. Third on Better Than Bouillon. They make quite a number of versions but it seems no stores carry all of them. Never seen mushroom, for example. My market carries both turkey and chicken, which IMO is a waste of space.

        Trader Joe's brand of bouilon, both chicken and beef, is less adulterated than the BTB, and better tasting. But it comes in a box of fast food condiment-style squeeze packets. That's very convenient for making a cup of broth, or boosting flavor in a gravy, but not practical if you are making a pot of soup.

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          I haven't seen bouillion in squeeze packets. But I do really like the Trader Joe's boxes of broth. I've used the chicken, beef, and vegetable. They are resealable 32-oz boxes, so they can go into the fridge if you don't need it all at once. Even the organic version is cheaper than any supermarket brand I've ever seen. It's also 70 mg sodium per cup -- far more than most others.
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        2. Swanson's --- low sodium, natural--- in the 32 oz. box, it works for me.

          1. Is this Better than Bouillion where the other boullion cubes are or in a different section of the store?

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              Yes, it's with the dry soups like Lipton, in the soup aisle. It is in a squat, round glass jar, probably around 8oz, with a mostly-black label. Costs usually range from $3.50-5.50 in the Boston area, depending on the store. It is a "base" - that is, a thick paste. Once I open one, I store it in the door of the freezer, where it is still possible to spoon some out without a struggle, although the fridge would probably suffice.