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Jan 11, 2009 08:22 AM

Cafe 28 - Richmond Hill, A Very Pleasant Surprise!

Came across this pseudo-HK style diner/steakhouse on 10 West Wilmot in Richmond Hill ( across from World Bowl ) yesterday evening. The place was packed with lineup at the door!! A great sign!

Place was cosy and service was very friendly by Chinese standard. Our party of 4 each ordered an entree that comes with a choice of Lobster Bisque, New England Clam Chowder, Caesar Salad or House fruit salad as starter. Accompanying bread were some surprisingly good toasted olive baguette with garlic butter. Very addictive! Soup was very creamy and delicious, just a touch under-seasoned. The Mixed grill platter of rack of lamb, b-b-q baby back ribs and chicken steak at $18 was an unbelievable value. Huge, ultra tasty portion!. Another entree of Oyster Florentine on rice was topped with a generous portion of creamed spinach au-gratin plump oysters. Very rich but again pretty delicious. My entree of braised Burgundy style oxtail at around $10 was very aromatic and yummy. At least 8 pieces of the tender bony delight. Not stingy at all. Only slight let down was the Foie Gras fried rice. Tasty but most of the foie turned to rendered fat during the cooking process. Wonder if the chef thought of that when he invented the dish?! Ha! The table next to ours ordered another mixed grill combo of beef tenderloin, seared foie gras and jumbo prawns. Looked great. At $28, looked like a good value as well.

Total meal for 4 comes to only $75 all inclusive! Not bad for a delicious Saturday night outing!

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  1. damn, i'll need to visit this place asap.

    this place in the same plaza as the hot pot at the corner unit?

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    1. re: afici0nad0

      Yes! Parking is pretty bad though! You might need to park across the road in the World Bowl parking lot!

    2. Wow, this is awesome news! I've been looking for an alternative to Goldsor in the neighbourhood and your review sounds very promising. Gonna give it a try some time this week.

      1. I think you mean 10 EAST Wilmot St in Richmond hill

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        1. re: stv

          You might be right?! I'm always confused by the east/west designation of streets in that area!! Anyways, its directly across from the World Bowl main entrance.

        2. Thanks for another great find Charles!

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          1. re: graydyn

            I tried going yesterday (Monday) at 3ish, it was closed. :(

          2. Hi Charles,

            Once again, thank you so much for one of your informative reviews! I can't wait for your next surprise!

            Ever since I read this review, I can't seem to get the words 'foie gras fried race' out of my head! I'm really curious to know if it was just downright dissapointing, or it's not that bad, and actually worth ordering - if I am craving something like that.

            Also is it a big portion, or could I order one of the mix grill sets as well?

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            1. re: s0memale

              Portion was pretty big and filling. However, like I said, the Foie Gras fried rice was kind of a miss. The rice should be cooked with the foie added last and NOT during the frying process.
              BTW, you have to be 'some MALE' to consume both the fried rice and mixed grill! Guess you can always doggy bag!