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Jan 11, 2009 07:54 AM


Hi. We are going to Ogunquit Monday and Tuesday. Monday evening we have reservations for Joshua's in Wells. We are looking for recommendations on what will be open for dinner on Tuesday evening, and also what is open for breakfast. We have done a search on the board but are not sure what is open at this time of year. Must be handicapped accessible.
Thanks for any help.

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  1. I can give you a recommendation for Johnathans's it is handicap accessible. and the food is good. and I know they are open. It is located on Bourne Lane, right next to the Meadowmere Resort on Rt. 1. ( As i'm not sure where you are staying. you may have to ask around for a breakfast place. Hope this helps a little There is a small place right in down town that i think might be open for breakfast. But I'm not sure. Good luck. Earle Ct.

    1. MCPerkins Cove isclosed until February. I believe that Anneke Jans in Kittery is open- an excellent place and handicapped accessible- you can get directions on their website and you can make a reservation on Open Table. Right in the Kittery shopping area is Robert's maine Grill- much more casual and a bit touristy but quite good. I am not sure if it is open- you can call- the Cape Neddick Inn on Route One just south of Ogunquit is a good choice. Not sure what is open for breakfast- but Stonewall Kitchen Factory store on Route One is a possible choice -they have a nice cafe and they are open year round. If the Village Market in the center of Ogunquit is open they have good breakfast and I especially like their breakfast sandwiches. Bintliff's on Rout e1 in Ogunquit may be open also for breakfst and dinner.

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        It's in Saco, but the Lobster Pound & Claw restaurant which is, although owning a rough exterior, has the freshest seafood in the area and a very simple menu.

      2. As far as breakfast goes, you would like the Maine Diner just up Rt. 1 in Wells.

        Unfortunately, they are closed Jan 6th-29th according to their website

        to do some remodeling and take their annual 'break'.

        We have always liked to stop there for various meals on trips to Kennebunkport. 5 Million customers over 25 years can't be all wrong !

        I don't know for 100% sure it is handicapped accessible but I don't recall any physical barriers to easy entry/exit --- and the photo on the website looks like it has a ramp leading up to the front door.

        You might also check around to see if there's anything to your liking just over the bridge in Portsmouth NH a mile or two beyond Kittery ME. Portsmouth has a historic downtown area and I would think at least a few good eateries.

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          I get that the Maine Diner suits a lot of people, but I have eaten there twice (which of course isn't worth a whole lot if I don't go every day), breakfast both times, and it was adequate but nothing spectacular. I'm never really sure why it is at the top of so many folks' list for places to go for breakfast in the area. Maybe it's the time of year? And yes, 5 million customers in 25 years most assuredly -can- be wrong. By that reasoning McDonald's is wonderful.

          I'm not zinging you, bakersma, I know that there are things at Maine Diner that some people swear are fantastic, and I can't say they aren't, because I've never had them. All I can say with certainty is that the two breakfasts I've had there weren't, for us, worth the wait, cramped quarters, and time it took to get them. We try to get to that part of Maine at least once a year, and that's just not a place we'll be going back to.

          Thing is, I have no idea what -to- recommend this time of year in that area. :) So I'm not being especially productive. I remember some nice breakfasts at The Egg and I, but I don't know if that's open all year, or if it's just a matter of taste that I prefer that diner over the other one. :)

          1. re: Morganna

            Morganna, I have to agree with you on this one. The Maine Diner is strictly a tourist trap. Mostly frozen fish and canned vegetables, and a horribly dried out lobster pie. A good place to avoid. Congdon's serves a much better breakfast, but closed in winter, unfortunately.

            1. re: derekj

              Isn't Congdon's best known for their doughnuts, or am I confusing them with another shop ?

                1. re: Earle

                  True, they are best known for doughnuts, but thay also have a full service restaurant serving breakfast and lunch in season. Ask anyone familiar with Wells, locals seem to love this place. Doesn't hurt that they bring a free doughnut of your choice with breakfast!

                  1. re: derekj

                    Aha, that may explain it. We always go to Maine in late September-early October so that may be out-of-season for Congdon's restaurant. Sounds very good though, especially if the locals like to eat there (always a hopeful sign :-)

            2. re: Morganna

              No offense taken :-)

              Where is "The Egg and I" ? Sounds interesting; never heard of it. Would be fun to give it a try on the next trip.

              By the way, have you ever stopped at When Pigs Fly Bakery "factory store" along Rt. 1 just south of Ogunquit and tried the chocolate bread (among other offerings) ?

              1. re: bakersma

                Ooo no, never have. Sounds like a plan for this spring! ;D

                Here's the website for the Egg and I:

                Located on Route 1, Directly Across From
                the Ogunquit Lobster Pound
                (207) 646-8777

                The bad thing about the Egg and I is they don't take credit cards, cash or traveler's checks only.

                (I recommend avoiding the Ogunquit Lobster Pound, I wrote a review of it last spring when I ate there, I could find a link if anyone was interested.)

                1. re: bakersma

                  The Egg and I is on Rt 1 almost across the street from the Lobster Pound Restaurant .

                  1. re: bakersma

                    I am reasonably sure that the Egg and I is closed for the winter. When it is open, there is always a long line. The Omelette Factory across the street from Egg and I is a geat choice but again not open in the winter.
                    The Pigs Fly Bakery is a great stop. Lots of samples, In addition to the one just South of Og, there is one closer to the Kittery shopping center.
                    Another great stop, which is open in the winter, is the Beach Pea Bakery in Kittery. Excellent bread, especially the ciabatta rolls, and nice cookies, pastries and cakes. Also excellent sandwiches for lunch. Has a few tables and a nice cozy atmosphere.

                    1. re: bakersma

                      Just stopped in to to Pigs Fly a couple of weeks ago. Great place, very friendly and honestly the breads are fantastic. The good news is that they freeze well. I think the one we bought had cranberries in it, really full of nut meats and berries and I don't think we paid more than $4 for the loaf.

                2. Thank you for all of your recommendations. Last night's dinner was at Joshua's and was excellent. Fried artichoke hearts and duck pate for appetizers, rack of lamb and the evening's special of 4 cheese and chive angliottis in a tomato cream sauce with sauted winter vegetables, creme brulee for dessert. The signature cocktail for the evening was a blood orange cosmopolitan. Due to unexpected circumstances, we missed breakfast, so we stopped in to get sandwiches at the Village Food Market on Main St. Great little place. Tonight's dinner, possibly Anneke Jans. The sidewalks etc are very messy up here which makes it a bit difficult getting around with a wheelchair and there are more places closed than open. So far a good 'get-away'.

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                    Anneke Jans is very accessible - you should call them and ask about the sidewalk in front to see if it is shoveled. The Cape Neddick Inn has a ramp to the front door and you can drive right up to the ramp(but not sure they are open). Glad you liked the Village Market- they have great stuff.Hope the rest of the trip is good.

                  2. If you ever need a great breakfast place on your way up, or as you're heading south from Ogunquit - We found an excellent place on Rt. in North Hampton - Nancy's Place. Fantastic people/service - food is all homemade and has both traditional breakfasts and some really creative options. There had to been 8 different Eggs Benny on this menu (lobster/asparagus for ex). Muffins always coming out of the oven.

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                      We live near there, and tried Nancy's recently. My wife's scrambled eggs were poured out of a gallon jug, instead of using fresh cracked eggs, the toast came slathered with- uggh!-margarine, and my blueberry muffin crumbled on the plate, it was so dry. To top things off, the coffee was weak.
                      We won't be back.