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Jan 11, 2009 07:26 AM

restaurants in maplewood area, nj

We just moved to maplewood, nj -- i want to find some good do to restaurants to get a quick lunch/ great dinner/ or some decent take out. I also want them to be affordable! Please help!

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  1. People's view of "affordable" can differ radically depending on the size of their bank accounts. So, give us your lunch and dinner budgets per person for *food only*.

    1. i guess in response to the price point --- i would say reasonable "affordable" sit down dinner would be 20-30 per person. take out dinner then would be for 2 people the max 35 dollars. Lunch would be no more then in the range of 10-20 dollars per person. I hope that clarifies the "affordable" question you have and now you can offer some worthwhile suggestions.

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        Verjus is a French restaurant with very good food and pleasant atmospherics. Though dinner prices are beyond your budget, lunch would be a good fit.

        If you ever want a splurge for a special occasion, I highly recommend Lorena's, one of the best restaurants in the entire state.

      2. I had many good meals at Cafe Arugula in South Orange.

        1. Luke's Kitchen just got reviewed this weekend. They were rated Very Good.

          You won't be disappointed. Luke is the place in Maplewood if you really want something good at a reasonable price.