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Jan 11, 2009 07:03 AM

Aunt Mary's world cafe, Lexington

Have read a bit about this little place and stopped by yesterday but they close at 4pm on Saturdays. Curious to try the burger and the falafel, made with the recipe of the Armenian owner's mother. Has anyone been?

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  1. Replying to my own inquiry. Stopped in here last night, met the owner and tried several items as he was offering samples of dishes he makes on site using his mother in law's Armenian recipes--lentil salad, eggplant salad, eech, hummus, muhummara, a sweet and spicy salsa, homemade pita chips, to name a few. Take out only, brought home a burger, falafel wrap, cubano and side of fries. All were fresh, good food made fast and offer a decent alternative to fast food take out. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the Lexington. A family run place, the owner couldn't have been nicer, and I really hope this little place survives these challenging times.

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      Thanks for the tip -- we've been seeking a replacement for Big Fresh in Natick where we used to live and hadn't found anything like it. We'll give this a try next time we want take out!

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        Next time you visit try the Lexington Hot's amazing!!!!!
        The homemade soups are also top on my list......!!!

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          I read about Aunt Mary’s World Cafe a while ago, and I have driven past it numerous times, but only recently, after reading many rave reviews, did I decide to try it. I am wondering why I didn’t try it before. Perhaps because I first heard talk of their soup, and I have to be in a certain mood for soup? Whatever reason it was, I am now kicking myself.

          As I walked in the door toward closing time, I saw various people waiting for their food with, it seemed, pleasant anticipation. I was greeted warmly and helped as I tried to decide on which of the numerous Armenian goodies I would get. I was pleased to be reminded that one can get a combination plate that consisted of several of their offerings.

          As I waited, I sampled some baba ganouj and muhamarra with a homemade chip (singular—a difficult thing to limit it to one!). They were so good that I had to get a small container of each, along with another one of a minty white bean salad. It became increasingly clear that these dishes had been tinkered to perfection. In fact, if you are into flavor, like I am, the renditions at Aunt Mary’s are what you are always seeking but have not yet found at the shops in Watertown and Belmont.

          The combo plate was a lovely presentation consisting of tabbouli, hummus, eech (they later told me how to spell it, but I may have forgotten), and falafel, all nestled artistically on a bed of mixed greens and tomato slices. The minty tabbouli tasted ultra-fresh. The hummus and eech provided interesting contrasts to the tabbouli’s sharper flavor. The beautifully browned falafel managed to remain moist inside, which is extremely rare. Even the dressing was wonderful. (I was skeptical about that, usually wishing the dressing was a less heavy rendition.)

          I will surely be back there again. Maybe even tomorrow morning to sample the corned beef hash.

          Aunt Mary’s World Cafe
          321 Woburn St., Lexington

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