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Jan 11, 2009 07:00 AM

veal bones

Where can I find veal bones in the Cambridge/Sommerville?

I tried Mckinnon's and the guy looked at me like I had 3 heads.

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  1. It would be interesting to hear of any (other than places like Savenor's where they'd charge a dear price), since for the past generation most meat retailers get their meat already segmented and off the major bones. Veal bones have gone the way of the dodo bird in most markets.

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    1. re: Karl S

      Maybe call Dom's Sausage in Malden???

      1. re: sinned61

        I saw some right in the self-serve meat shelves at the Fenway Whole Foods today. Maybe check the River Street location?

        1. re: wittlejosh

          I'll check at the rt 16 WF and report back.


    2. I hear they have some without the marrow at Teatro...

      Oooops wrong thread.. Sorry couldn't resist...


      1. It's not Cambridge/Somverville, but in the past I have sometimes seen them at the Hilltop Meat Market up in Saugus. In fact, I have some of those in my freezer right now!

        1. Maybe Mayflower Poultry - you know, "Live Poultry, Fresh Killed"?

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            1. re: Karl S

              Mayflower Poultry offers more than just poultry (partial list included), but thanks for the taxonomy lesson.

              Beef Products
              • 1x1 Sirloin Strip Steak
              • Flap Meat (Steak Tips)
              • 80% Lean Ground Beef
              • Beef Marrow Bones
              • Beef Feet
              • Beef Liver
              • Beef Ribs
              • Oxtail
              • Tripe
              Pork Products
              • Leroux Brand Italian Sausage
              • Boneless Pork Loin
              • Pork Tenderloin
              • Baby Back Ribs
              • Pork Spareribs
              • Pork Chops
              • Chitterlings
              • Bacon
              • Pig Feet
              Other Meats
              • Native Rabbit
              • Buffalo
              • Goat

              1. re: bostonbroad

                My apologies - when I had gone there in the past (it's been a while) I had only seen poultry (including rabbit, as farm-raised is more often classes as poultry than game, go fiture) and sausages and assorted groceries, not beef or pork bone products.

          1. on a similar note, does anyone know where to find prepared veal demi glace?

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              1. re: mrsx

                I just saw veal demiglace today at Wilson Farms in Lexington (in the meat section). I don't remember seeing it there before so not sure if it is on trial or what but there were a number of containers. D'Artagnan brand.