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Jan 11, 2009 06:30 AM

Lemon squeezer or best tool

Please give me your comments on what gadget you find best for extracting lemon or lime juice
I use quite a bit of lemons in some dishes therefore would appreciate knowing Thanks

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  1. For just one or two lemons, I use a hand-held squeezer. If I need more than that, I use a small electric juicer.

    1. I have a little stainless steel juicer that fits over a base. I love it because it strains the pips and leaves me with a bowl full of lemon juice to use to taste. The reamer sits idle. Never tried an electric juicer, but if you use a lot, it would be a neat addition (I am guessing that it, too, adds the strainer function.)

      1. I don't use lemons all that often, so I just use my general-purpose tongs (these - - or a smaller pair, depending on the size of the lemon/lime).

        They're not the "best" way for extracting juice, but they're surprisingly efficient if you just have to squeeze a couple of lemons.

        1. We do several dozens each year and use the Oxo Good Grip Squeezer. It extracts the juice easily and no pulp.


          1. LOVE the lemon squeezer. I bought one at BBB a year or two ago and it gets the most juice out without having to worry about seeds.