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Lemon squeezer or best tool

Please give me your comments on what gadget you find best for extracting lemon or lime juice
I use quite a bit of lemons in some dishes therefore would appreciate knowing Thanks

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  1. For just one or two lemons, I use a hand-held squeezer. If I need more than that, I use a small electric juicer.

    1. I have a little stainless steel juicer that fits over a base. I love it because it strains the pips and leaves me with a bowl full of lemon juice to use to taste. The reamer sits idle. Never tried an electric juicer, but if you use a lot, it would be a neat addition (I am guessing that it, too, adds the strainer function.)

      1. I don't use lemons all that often, so I just use my general-purpose tongs (these - http://www.amazon.com/Oxo-Grips-12-In... - or a smaller pair, depending on the size of the lemon/lime).

        They're not the "best" way for extracting juice, but they're surprisingly efficient if you just have to squeeze a couple of lemons.

        1. We do several dozens each year and use the Oxo Good Grip Squeezer. It extracts the juice easily and no pulp.

          1. LOVE the lemon squeezer. I bought one at BBB a year or two ago and it gets the most juice out without having to worry about seeds.

            1. I use a wooden reamer, but that would entail a bit of work for more than 1 or 2 lemons.

              1. We go through lots of citrus (mostly limes, but plenty of lemons in the summer) and the squeezer is invaluable. Street vendors in Mexico go through hundreds of limes a day using nothing more than the squeezer. To me, cutting them in half is more effort than squeezing.

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                  1. I love my wooden reamer too. I guess I've been using it for so long that having to do a lot of lemons with it doesn't seem like a big deal. And the wood surface really gets a grip on the flesh and gets every last little bit of the juice. I just do it over a sieve set over a bowl to catch the seeds and whatnot.

                    1. I have a wooden reamer for use with a few lemons. I also have my grandmothers glass juicer- just like an electric one, except it is glass! I get nervous every time I use it, as I think it is worth some bucks- but love that I have something from my grandmother ( I also have lots of her cast iron and copper bottom pans)

                      1. I have one of those hand held squeezers where you cut the lemon/lime in half and put it cut side down in the bowl and then squeeze the handles. There is no other tool that will extract as much of the juice as this tool. Mine actually has a smaller bowl for limes and a larger one for lemons. no fuss, no muss, no seeds and lots of juice and at around $10, not really expensive