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Jan 11, 2009 05:55 AM

Anthon's Coal Fired Pizza in Delray

Went last night, busy little place. The menu is pizza and ....err pizza. A few special pizzas on the menu otherwise it's cheese pizza and you can add toppings although they have very few topping choices.

So a large cheese with a couple of toppings is $18.50. Ok I thought, expensive, but let's see.

Glass of wine and a beer and we wait for our pizza. There are signs all around saying our pizzas come well done only.

They are very well done, crispy to close to burnt. Good flavor but not easy to eat the crust edges. I didn't think there was enough cheese on the pizzas and the cheese does not get anywhere near the edges.

I ordered a second glass of wine, we got the bill and wow!! almost $50 incl tax and tip. Beer is $5 a bottle (for Corona) and wine is $9 a glass for house Merlot.

Personally, I would not go again it was too pricey for pizza. The Mellow Mushroom which is close enough is also expensive but I think the pizzas are better and better value.

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  1. I was there a couple of weeks ago, and really liked it. That being said, we had a plain cheese pizza which was nothing special -maybe that's the problem. We had one of their specialty pizzas (I can't recall which), and I thought it was excellent. I enjoyed their wings a lot -they're done in the coal fired oven, so they're not greasy/deep-fried, and they're served with yummy onions and focaccia. Also, we tried the eggplant appetizer, which was wonderful.