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Jan 11, 2009 05:54 AM

Best Boston Hotel Bar Lounge

I enjoy going into a classy yet reasonably-priced hotel lounge for a drink now and again. What places do you like that have a nice ambiance and charm for conversation and relaxing? Thanks.

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  1. What's your idea of reasonably priced? There are lots of great hotel lounges in town, but few that I'd call reasonable.

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      I am hoping for a $10 cocktail; $8 glass of wine? Am I living in another century?? Thanks.

      1. re: taxi

        can you time-travel to the early 80s?

    2. Though you may not find the prices you want, the best hotel bar IMHO is the Boston Harbor Hotel bars. There is the "dark bar" and Intrigue which has a water view (or what constitutes a water view in Boston). Release your pocket book and enjoy!

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      1. re: kate used to be 50

        Thanks, kateutb50,
        Got a chuckle from the last line!! Definitely want to go there now. Have a great night - Globes are on!!

      2. I love the Rowe's Wharf Bar at the Boston Harbor Hotel. The first time I stopped by there, I was with a friend who had to use the ladies room. I sat in one of the chairs and told the waitress that I was just waiting for a friend. She brought over a glass of ice water, served with two cloth napkins, suggesting I might want some water while waiting. I've been back many times after that first experience. The room is comfortable, elegant and I get the same Tono pinot grigio every time. I never forgot the name. My name is Tony. The wine is eight dollars a glass. The feeling of being welcomed is priceless.

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        1. re: ghostcat

          I am heading to the bar you suggested tomorrow afternoon while I am in town. Looking forward to it based on your response.

          1. re: taxi

            Enjoy my favorite drinking "hole". Tell Brian hello. FYI - Intrigue, the bar with the limited water view is closed for renovations, so the only option is the Rowe's Wharf Bar.

            1. re: kate used to be 50

              I saw the tiny bar with no view then headed upstairs and came across Meritage. Now, where in relation to Meritage is the Rowe's Wharf Bar? LOVED the view from Meritage.

              1. re: taxi

                Meritage is the restaurant. Very good restaurant, but they don't like you "hanging" at the bar and yep, they have the view. If you ever get invited to a party at the Wharf Room that is really where the views are at. Did you enjoy a cocktail at the "dark bar" as it is known?

                1. re: kate used to be 50

                  They really have an issue with "hanging" at the Meritage bar? I've only ever eaten there as were most people around me, but it seems odd that they'd say anything if you had some drinks there.

                  1. re: Joanie

                    I think they want you to go to the bar if you want to hang. Intrigue is being renovated, so it is really just the dark bar and Meritage.

        2. The bar at the Seaport Hotel has nice views of Fish Pier. Outside your price point though.

          1. Not called reasonable by any stretch of the imagination but the Oak Room bar has the ambiance that I think you're looking for if not the price. So worth the splurge though.

            Scampo's in Liberty Hotel has the mozzarella bar but I've only been to Clink in this hotel so far and that was OK but noisey.