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Jan 11, 2009 05:34 AM

best sushi in Monmouth county?

We went to Taka in Asbury Park last night. Hadn't been there for a while; it used to be our favorite but we were disappointed...the rolls were just not as wonderful as they used to be.
I hear good things about Yumi in Sea Bright...any fans? We like the sushi at Sawa in Pier Village but the service can be odd there.

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  1. I like the Sawa in Eatontown better.

    But the best in the area, as many on this board have proclaimed, is Kanji. No contest.

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    1. re: cantkick

      Sawa has always been our favorite, my Japanese wife will admit that Sushi from her country will melt in your mouth, I guess maybe its the water.
      We love Sawa, and Kenny the owner is a client of mine.
      We are in a Sushi mood this evening, and we will try Kanji.

    2. have to go with:
      1. Kanji
      1a. Asahi in Manasquan
      2. Sawa in WLB
      3. Yumi
      4. Osaka in Bradley Beach

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      1. re: aklein

        Where is Kanji??
        We've been meaning to try the Sawa in Eatontown, and Yumi.

        1. re: jerseyeats

          For interesting rolls, I prefer Kanji to Yumi and Sawa by a longshot. Kanji also has a better selection of and tastier hot food for those who choose not to eat sushi. The udon noodles are especially good. Kanji is across from the plaza with Marshal's in it, in the plaza on the other side of Shrewsbury Ave and the corner of Rt 35 very close to Ft. Monmouth.

          For purists who just want the best, freshest fish you have to go to Howell. On Rt 9, near Rt 195 in a strip mall is Kazu. They also have good non-sushi items, but less of the frou-frou/inovative fusion rolls than Kanji.

          Both places are BYO and both are near liquor stores.

          1. re: seal

            Not been to Kanji but agree with seal that Kazu is great

            1. re: tom246

              Tom what I like about Kazu is that he has a large Asian clientel......
              I love this place when you want excellent Sushi done right! Buy a nice bottle of Sake next door like Juyondai or Hakkaisan, etc. and "Kanpai"

          2. re: jerseyeats

            Kanji is in ACME Shopping Center at corner of Rt. 35 and Shrewsbury Ave.


            1. re: aklein

              Actually, Kanji is in the Tinton Falls Plaza where the A&P is, across Shrewsbury Avenue from the Acme plaza.

              1. re: fershore

                yes, A&P, not acme... sorry for the confusion

        2. Our current favorite is Kanji in Tinton Falls. Yumi is very good but expensive. The size of the sushi/sashimi is roughly half of the pieces at Kanji. Every time I've dined at Yumi, my clothes smell like grease when I get home. They must not ventilate well. I don't notice it while I'm dining.

          Sawa in Eatontown is good. Sawa in Long Branch not quite as good and you're right, the service is spotty. Sono in Middletown is very good but it's been a while.

          Kanji is run by the former chef of Sawa, and many of the staff followed him to Kanji.

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          1. re: fershore

            Thanks to all for the tips. We'll be going to Kanji for sure. I went on their website and the menu looks great.

            1. re: fershore

              1. Kanji - without a doubt is number one by miles.
              2. Fuji Steakhouse
              3. Teak - Black Forbidden Roll and / or Danny's Steakhouse in a pinch

              We have been very disappointed with Sawa (both locations) our last couple of visits - Tuna was very poor in quality.

            2. Hands down "Sushi by KAZU" in Howell.....RT 9S across from the Ivy League.

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              1. re: Tapas52

                They are terrific when open, I agree.

              2. Sushi is great because you can tell the quality of the fish instantly. During slower periods such as winter in the mid Atlantic area restaurants usually slow down quite a bit and look for ways to cut costs. I do not want to name any restaurants specifically but stickman731's post is right on.