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Jan 11, 2009 04:56 AM

rec. for good, affordable japanese?

I'm looking for a restaurant for a family dinner; good sushi would be nice but not everyone in the group likes it, so am also looking for somewhere that has other good options (soup, etc.). Not _too_ pricey so not at the very top of the list, I guess. Thanks!

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  1. Matsuya
    3469 N. Clark St.
    Chicago, IL

    Matsuya is my favorite no frills sushi bar/japanese homestyle cuisine place in the city.

    Butterfly offers Sushi and Thai, and it's byob.
    Surpisingly, the sushi is pretty good. No need to stick with the fashion rolls, the fish is pretty good on its own. It gets crowded with hipsters looking to be seen on the weekends.
    1156 W. Grand Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60622 312-563-5555

    1. How about Mitsuwa Market? It has a very affordable food court, sushi section, bakery, and ice cream area. Lots of selection.

      Not very fancy or anything but it is affordable and tastes good!

      1. A desired location - either a part of the city, or a suburban town - would help. The recommendations so far cover quite an area, including the north side, the near northwest side, and the northwest suburb of Arlington Heights. And your family probably won't want to travel a long distance for dinner.

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          I tried to stay somewhat central (ish) with Matsuya (north, right by Wrigley) and Butterfly (just N of the downtown-ish area.) Nsxtasy has, however, raised a very good point. There are many decent Japanese restaurants around town, might be one that is more convenient than others, and still meets your criteria

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            Thanks for the recs so far! I'm basically looking at anywhere from south side up to Lincoln park area, loop is fine as well. We won't want to leave the city. I live in Hyde Park and my parents are staying in the Gold Coast area, so a range within the city is fine.

          2. Sunshine Cafe
            5449 N Clark St
            Chicago, IL 60640
            (773) 334-6214

            3956 W Touhy Ave
            (between Crawford Ave & East Prairie Rd)
            Lincolnwood, IL 60712

            1. We always make a beeline for New Tokyo when we're in town. It's a nice, casual spot and near Argo Tea and Intelligentsia Coffee, and a nice little bakery up B'way.
              See pics!
              1. Exterior of store from corner of Briar & Broadway (Argo Tea).
              2. Friendly staff!
              3. Our friend that came with us last time had never tried sushi, so we ordered potato prawn for her... she loved it.
              4. Dragon roll, spicy tuna, etc. etc. Lunch was about $30, only had tea if I recall.