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Jan 11, 2009 04:26 AM

Fresh Lobster

I'm hoping to make lobster for an upcoming dinner, where can I find the freshest lobster in the Philadelphia/NJ area?

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  1. Given that many places sell live lobsters, it doesn't seem possible to get anything fresher.

    That said, I've found the asian markets to be the least expensive. I used to go to the underground market at 10th and Race. The new market at 4th and Spring Garden is supposed to be pretty good too.

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        It's not as punk-rock as it sounds. It's an Asian grocery that's on the basement floor of the commercial block at 10th and Race. One entrance on Race just east of 10th, one entrance about mid-block on 10th below Race.

        It's my understanding that tank-held lobsters aren't always the best or freshest just because they're alive. Sounds weird but I remember learning that they can be sick or stressed from a long stay in the crowded tank and not-so-good as a result, so sometimes you're better off w/ a recently arrived lobster packed in a box (like they do with crabs) than a tanker that's been there for a week. At any rate you should make sure the lobster you get is lively and holds its tail out at attention when pulled out of the tank. If it's droopy and listless, have them throw it back and get you another one.

        1. re: GDSwamp

          The lobsters I have gotten at the asian grocery at 6th and Washington have been some of the feistiest I've ever encountered outside of Maine!

    1. cant get fresher than alive in a tank.. Italian market fish mongers..supermarkets with a tank (Giant in Conshy carries for example). the asian 'underground' at 10th/Race is cheap...and lots of cool items there too..