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Jan 11, 2009 03:54 AM

Merguez in London

Does anyone know where to get Merguez sausages in London? Preferably South London?


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  1. There's a morrocan caravan / stall on Brixton Station road (by the railway line, near the rec) that does mereguez sausages (cooked). Its there most weekdays i think.

    not sure about raw ones, but i guess you can ask the guy there. somewhere in brixton market should have them.

    1. South London is a wasteland for merguez... I've been looking for years and failed to find a decent source. In the West End there's Biggles in Marylebone Lane - they're home made, and the flavour's pretty good, but they are quite large in size. I prefer them more like chipolatas, as you get them in Paris. Ginger Pig also does them from time to time as well - but they're not really fiery enough for my taste.

      I was told a few months ago that a butcher in Church St off the Edgware Road sold them, but I never managed to find it. I also keep meaning to ask the owner of the Original Tagine in Marylebone where he gets his supplies from... I've not seen them in Brixton market - plenty of chorizo but no merguez....

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        Hi guys. Yes, the dude in the van near Brixton Station is good, I actually had merguez craving today and ran there only to find it closed and to realise, that yes today is sunday.

        I know a place in Kentish Town called Phonecia that has them but it's a bit of a trek.

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          Walters Butcher in Herne Hill sometimes has merguez. Can't vouch for the quality I'm afraid.

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            Thanks for the tip on Walters - I'll try him next time I'm working from home and get a craving for Olley's F&C for lunch...

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            I know the place by Edgware Road Station, first st on the right when coming out of the tube. It's called "La belle boucherie". Merguez are very good actually there but a bit small in size. There's two other places in south london : M Moen & Son, organic butcher in Clapham common but not always good quality and Le Tour de France in Streatham.
            Good Luck in your merguez pursuit!!

          3. There's a pork specialist at the Barnes Farmers' Market on Saturdays that sells Merguez sausages. I can't vouch for their quality but their pork tenderloins (pork fillet) were as good as I've had. I can't recall their name but they do have a website. If I locate it, I'll post it.

            1. Hi. If you can make it to Brixton then 20 minutes on the Vic will see you in Finsbury Park. Take a stroll up Blackstock Road through N4's Little Magrheb to the Butcher El Baraka. Brilliant home-made merguez - last time I went they had none on display but cheerfuly knocked me up a kilo as I watched - and other 'essentials' like preserved lemons, harrissa, spices etc.

              SpikeyD will like the chipolata style of the merguez... and they were so obliging that I bet they'd do an extra-chillified batch if you asked nicely (and spent generously).

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                Thanks for that tip - sounds like a place worth getting the passport out for to go north of the river :)

              2. The original comment has been removed